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Fountain Valley Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A number of Fountain Valley motorcycle accidents occur because of poor driving habits and inattention on the part of drivers. It is imperative that drivers remember that they share the roadway with motorcyclists and other vehicles. Failing to yield the right of way, unsafe lane changes, driving under the influence and distracted driving are just some of the reasons why devastating motorcycle accidents occur. If you have been involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident, a Fountain Valley motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you get back on your feet.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, call out Fountain Valley personal injury attorneys now at 949-203-3814 for your free consultation. The lawyers at Bisnar Chase are dedicated to helping those that are injured get the compensation they deserve.

Fountain Valley Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the recent California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were no fatalities but 23 injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents in the city of Fountain Valley. Throughout Orange County, 17 people were killed and 735 were injured in motorcycle crashes during that same year.

What Are Some Steps Motorists Can Take to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes

Car driver negligence is involved in many of the most tragic motorcycle accidents. Orange County motorists can help prevent tragic motorcycle collisions by:

  • Check Your Blind Spots: Motorists are responsible for looking out for other vehicles before making a lane change. It is important to always check the rearview mirror, the side mirrors and the blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Staying Alert Behind the Wheel: Drivers must be sober and wide awake a all times behind the wheel. Distracted, drunk and fatigued drivers put everyone on the roadway at great risk. All three forms of driver negligence result in a number of fatal motorcycle accidents each year. Drivers who want to avoid being involved in a collision should put their cell phone away while behind the wheel, focus on the roadway, use designated drivers when necessary and pull over when drowsy.
  • Give Motorcyclists the Right-Away on Left Hand Turns: It is common for drivers to fail to yield the right of way to motorcyclists when turning left. When this happens, the motorcyclist will likely broadside the car resulting in devastating or fatal injuries.
  • Obey All Traffic Laws and Signs: Many injury accidents occur at intersections when a negligent driver runs a red light or stop sign.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcyclists would be well advised to:

  • Lane Split with Caution. Motorists do not always expect motorcycles to be alongside them. Although lane splitting is now legal in the state of California, not all motorist will exercise caution and check their blind spots. These motorist can put you in harms way.
  • Drive the Speed Limit: Excessive speed is a common factor in many of the most serious motorcycle crashes.
  • Adjust Speed to Match Weather Conditions: If it's raining, slow down. It's too easy to hydroplane and become a victim of an accident.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Having properly working tires and brakes are crucial for safe travel.
  • Ride Defensively: Never assume that a car driver has seen you before entering traffic or an intersection. Instead, proceed with caution and care.

Compensation for Injured Victims

The experienced Fountain Valley motorcycle accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase can help injured motorcycle accident victims recover losses such as medical bills, hospitalization costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Our firm operates on a contingency basis which mean if we lose your case in court, you don't have to pay. In addtion, we have a 96% with rate with our various clients in Orange County over the past 35 years. Fianlly, if you have been injured so badly that you cannot come to visit our firm, we will come to you to discuss your case and legal rights.

With so little to lose and so much to gain, why wait any longer?

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