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Cypress Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Cypress Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The Cypress Nursing Home Lawyers at Bisnar Chase work with the victims of nursing home abuses to collect damages for poor care and treatment that results in physical or emotional injury.  Victims of nursing home abuses suffer a wide variety of problems, including physical pain and trauma.

There are even rare cases in which nursing home residents die due to poor living conditions and the lack of care offered in their residential facility.

The National Center on Elder Abuse warns that nursing home abuse and neglect is a growing problem.  In fact, about 11 percent of all nursing home residents report some form of abuse or neglect.  Given that this is most likely a highly underreported crime, the chances are that at least one-quarter or more of nursing home residence have suffered abuse and neglect.

If your loved one has experienced elder abuse or neglect, call us now at 949-203-3814. The lawyers at Bisnar Chase at the most experienced Cypress personal injury attorneys in the state of California and we will do whatever it takes to bring justice to your family. We offer free consultations, you do not have to pay if we lose, and if you can not come to our office, we will come to you!

Attorney Brain Chase comments on what makes a good nursing home for your loved one. He also discusses the warning signs of elder abuse.

What are the Basic Rights of Every Nursing Home Resident?

Nursing home residents have rights that should never be violated under any circumstance.

Unfortunately, the lack of training and supervision of some nursing home employees means that many patients’ rights are not considered.  Further, nursing homes may attract a certain type of criminal that enjoys preying on the weak and helpless, and sees the nursing home as a place to supply victims.

No matter what the conditions are in the nursing home, no one has a right to infringe on the victim’s privacy and right to live free of pain and suffering.

However, nursing home crimes are often never reported. This is why many of these cases never see the light of day, however, if you decide to chose the seasoned Cypress nursing home attorneys at Bisnar Chase to take legal action, we assure you that we will get you the compensation you deserve. We will do all the work and you and your family can focus on healing and recovery.

Elder Abuse Statistics

One study estimates that only 20 percent of all the crimes committed in nursing homes are ever spoken of to anyone else.

This means that four out of five nursing home residents (roughly 80 percent) who are victims of abuse do not speak out.

This is sometimes from fear; other times the resident may be unable to express what is happening to them due to illness, strokes, or diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home who is non-communicative, it is even more important that you take responsibility for checking up on your loved one regularly.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Cypress

Nursing home lawyers in Cypress, such as the ones at Bisnar Chase, help you and your family keep your loved one safe and ensure that no one will hurt them.  This is because once nursing home abuses are reported they are quite likely to stop immediately.

Most abuses in nursing homes are crimes of opportunity or crimes of neglect, and they are often relatively easy to end.  Even in cases where there is an active aggression against nursing home residents, the people committing these outrages will not be able to continue once the spotlight is trained on their actions.

It is important to act quickly if you suspect nursing home abuse.  These types of problems tend to develop rapidly and can make life for your loved one nothing short of a nightmare. Nursing home abuse attorneys in Cypress

If a person who is abusing your loved one is left unchecked, he or she may continue until real damage is done.  Instead of waiting and letting the problem escalate, call the professional Cypress nursing home lawyers at Bisnar Chase today and begin the process of setting your mind at ease. Please call us now at 949-203-3814 for a free consultation.

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