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The workplace is one of the most important places in the average American life, and this place houses some of the most important relationships in your life as well.

For most people, the thought of a workplace lawsuit is very intimidating. These people take the attitude that work is far too important to risk filing a lawsuit just to collect a few dollars when it may ruin the important relationships you have with your co-workers and the possibility it may leave you unemployed.

However, what do you do when your workplace is taking away some of your most basic human rights? What if workplace abuse has reached a level so high that you can no longer tolerate? What if you are being unfairly penalized in a monetary sense and see no way to increase your income? How do you know when the time has come to file a work-related lawsuit?

The experienced Cypress personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase know all the "ins and outs" of employment law and have answers you need to defend your rights at work.

If you feel harassed or that you are not being treated fairly at your current place of work, call us now at 949-203-3814. This is a free, no-obligation call to discuss the facts of your case with our Cypress employment lawyers and to see if you qualify for compensation.

No one should feel threatened or to act a certain way to keep their job that compromises their rights. If you feel this way, we urge you to call us now.

What are an Employee's Basic Rights?

Employees are guaranteed basic rights under California’s wage and hour laws. Included in these rights are the right to fair compensation for work performed and the right to be free of harassment and abuse at work.

While each state interprets employment law differently (and the laws are applied differently based on the size of the company involved) these basic rights are agreed upon by all states and the federal government. Workers have the right to pursue lawsuits when these rights are taken away.

Many employees are frightened at the idea of filing a lawsuit against an employer, co-workers, or others in his or her company, but this may be the only way to preserve the employee’s rights.

For example, some employees have found themselves denied fair pay to the extent that they have left a job to seek another one. Instead, it would be better to force the current employer to pay a fair wage not only for the employee’s benefit but also for those who might work for the company in the future.

In addition, if an employee is considering new employment due to harassment at his/her current workplace, it would be a better idea to hire an experienced Cypress employment lawyer who knows the law well and can help both to defend the person in question that is being harassed and also to help said person receive compensation for their pain and suffering. Regardless if it is a boss or a co-worker, these individuals that incite harassment should be held responsible for their actions.

Contacting a Cypress Employment Attorney

Cypress Employment attorneys understand the anxiety and stress that can keep employees from filing workplace lawsuits (even if the harassment or unfair treatment reaches a very high level.) 

At Bisnar Chase, we understand that it is frightening to think that you might be subject to recriminations and fired for no reason other than standing up for your rights, however, we won't tolerate threats like these and we will fight to defend your basic human rights. 

It also may be helpful to know that many employers take a more serious note an employee’s claims when he or she is represented by an expert employment lawyer. 

Furthermore, Cypress employment lawyers, such as the prestige attorneys at Bisnar, Chase, are well aware of the possibility of repercussions on the part of the employer and know how to avoid these situations effectively.

If you have a wage/hour dispute, a harassment claim, or any claim involving unfair treatment at work, it is time to talk to the professionals at Bisnar Chase personal injury attorneys about your case. 

Please call us now at 949-203-3814 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

You owe it to yourself and the ones that care about you to make your work relationship one of the best relationships in your life and to help your company provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone who is employed there.

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