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California Herniated Disc Injury Attorneys

California Herniated Disc Injury Lawyers

Severe trauma to the back can cause several injuries that are painful and debilitating. Among these injuries is a disc herniation; a serious injury that can leave victims in agony. Contact the California herniated disc injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase today to find out if you could win compensation for your injury.

Bisnar Chase is a personal injury law firm with a track record of success in catastrophic injury lawsuits. We have a 99% success rate and have won more than $650 million for our clients through settlements and jury verdicts. Just as important, we believe in offering superior representation with a personal touch. We are here to help you in your hour of need.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about disc herniation injuries. If your injury was caused by an act of negligence, we can help. Contact our no win, no fee herniated disc attorneys now for a free consultation.

Article Contents

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a painful type of back injury. A person’s back is made up of the spine, which is a stack of smaller bones called vertebrae. Between each of the vertebrae bones is a rubbery cushion called a spinal disc.

A graphic showing the spinal column with a focused area showing a herniated disc injury.

When one of these cushions is damaged it is referred to as a herniated disc. Alternate names for these injuries include slipped disc or ruptured disc.

Spinal discs are made up of tough but flexible rubbery cases with a soft center within. A herniated disc injury occurs when the rubbery case is damaged, with the soft jelly-like center sometimes leaking out.

An alternative form of disc herniation is a bulging disc, which includes the cushion between vertebrae shifting beyond the space it usually occupies. Either form of disc herniation injury can leave victims in extreme pain and unable to move as they normally would.

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Disc Herniation Symptoms

Some victims of a slipped, ruptured, or herniated disc will experience very few symptoms. But others will be left in crippling pain with massively reduced mobility. Some disc herniation injuries even require multiple surgeries to fix.

Herniated discs can happen anywhere in a person’s mid to lower back, or in their cervical spine (near the neck). But this injury is most common in the lower back. This is because the lower back typically has to handle the most stress and strain.

Disc herniation symptoms include:

  • Sharp and burning pain
  • Tingling or total numbness/loss of feeling
  • Muscle weakness

A ruptured disc can cause these symptoms in the back, arms, and legs, shooting pain into affected nerves throughout the body.

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Causes of Disc Herniation Injuries

A herniated disc injury can be caused in several different ways. The most common are listed below:

➤    Gradual degrading
The majority of disc herniations are a result of natural aging. With age and wear and tear, spinal discs start to lose their flexibility and cushioning. As this happens, they become easier to tear and rupture.

➤    Lifting heavy objects
An improper lifting motion, or trying to lift too great a weight, can put extreme strain on spinal discs and force them to tear.

➤    Twisting and turning
Twisting and turning motions can cause serious damage to spinal discs, especially as they become brittle with age.

➤    Falls and traumatic impacts
A fall or blow can also cause a herniated disc. A traumatic impact, such as a person falling from a ladder or being involved in a car accident, can cause the body to contort and rupture the spinal discs.

The risk of suffering disc herniation can be impacted by a person’s weight and genetics, or by a pre-existing condition, but is most often caused by major strain on the back.

As we have shown, it can be a gradual process or caused by a sudden traumatic incident.

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Herniated Disc Injury Liability

If you have suffered a catastrophic back injury, you might be able to take legal action. But when can a victim file a herniated disc injury lawsuit?

You can file a herniated disc injury claim if negligence was involved in your accident. This means that the actions of another person at least partly caused your injury.

The following are examples of herniated disc injury accidents and liability:

➤    Auto Accidents
Drivers and passengers can suffer ruptured spinal disc injuries in all types of auto accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Whether you were rear-ended or hit in an intersection car crash, the impact can cause disc herniation. In this case, the at-fault driver would be liable.

➤    Premises Liability Accidents
The owner or manager of a building has a duty of care to occupants. For example, a victim could suffer a herniated disc in their back in a slip-and-fall accident after slipping on a liquid spillage in a hotel lobby. If staff members were negligent in their duty to clear the spillage, the hotel would be liable.

➤    Workplace Negligence
People who have physically demanding jobs will often put more strain on their back, causing quicker degeneration. However, when an employer fails to provide proper safety training or equipment, and a worker suffers a herniated disc injury as a result, the employer would be liable.

These are just some examples of negligence leading to serious spinal injuries. If you are unsure whether your accident case would qualify for a lawsuit, contact Bisnar Chase today. Our California herniated disc injury attorneys offer a free consultation with no obligations, providing the guidance you need.

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Treatment and Long-Term Impact of Disc Herniation

We already know that disc herniation injuries can cause short-term pain and problems with mobility and flexibility. But how will it impact the injury victim over the years after their accident? And what kind of treatments are needed?

A dissected view of the spine, vertebrae, spinal nerves, and a herniated disc collapsing into the spine.

Unfortunately, a ruptured disc in the lower back or mid-back can lead to long-lasting pain and progressive conditions.

Damage such as tears and trauma to the spinal discs can lead to an acceleration of the usual degeneration experienced with age. This means that a once herniated disc may be more likely to tear or collapse again in the future, leading to further treatment and ongoing pain.

Herniated disc treatment is split up into progressive levels of severity.

  1. Conservative Treatments: Initial treatments might include pain medication and muscle relaxants to manage the symptoms, combined with physical therapy.
  2. Steroid Shot Treatment: A doctor might recommend a steroid shot into the affected area of spinal nerves, the process of which can be incredibly painful in its own right.
  3. Invasive Back Surgery: When a herniated disc cannot be managed or provides persistent and recurring pain, surgery might be necessary.

Herniated disc surgery will depend on the severity of the injury. Sometimes a surgeon may be able to only remove a protruding part of a bulging disc.

In other cases, the entire disc may need to be removed. Following disc removal, the patient may:

  • Have an artificial disc implanted into their back
  • Have stabilizing metal hardware installed in their spine
  • Have spinal fusion to permanently attach the bones without a disc cushion

These are extreme measures, used only on disc herniation victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

If you have suffered a serious back injury, contact our personal injury claim attorneys to find out if we can win herniated disc injury compensation for you.

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When to Seek Medical Treatment for a Herniated Disc

Many people experience different aches, pains, and injuries to their back. This does not necessarily mean you have a herniated disc though.

A doctor examining an imaging test showing spinal damage.

You should see a doctor as soon as a normal back pain starts to progress into something more. Signs of a herniated disc or another type of serious back injury include the pain spreading to your arms or legs, a tingling sensation, bladder issues, or experiencing a loss of feeling.

If you develop any of these symptoms, you should consult with a medical professional as soon as possible. When you visit a doctor, several tests may be carried out to check for a herniated disc. The extent of your injuries will dictate which tests are used.

Doctors will often start with neurological tests, to check your pain level, reflexes, and mobility.

Imaging tests are also carried out to diagnose disc herniation. These might include:

  • An MRI: A machine using radio waves to reveal the location and impacted nerves of a damaged spinal disc.
  • Myelogram: Dye is injected into the victim’s spinal fluid before an x-ray is taken, revealing spinal damage and conditions affecting discs.

If you have been diagnosed with disc herniation injury, contact our personal injury lawyers now.

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How a Herniated Disc Injury Lawyer Can Help

We know that the process of filing a herniated disc injury lawsuit can be daunting. It might involve a legal battle with an insurance company that has no intention of paying out on your claim. This can take months or years to settle.

A graphic showing a close-up of a spinal disc with a highlighted herniation bulge.

There is no need to go through this alone. Our herniated disc injury lawyers are here to carry the load. While you focus on recovery, allow us to fight on your behalf.

When you file a herniated disc claim, the defense team will try to minimize your injuries and pay out as little as possible.

Our attorneys will build a comprehensive case supporting your claim, compiling evidence including medical records and proof of negligence. We have handled the cases of more than 12,000 clients throughout California. Trust us to win your case.

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Herniated Disc Injury Compensation

One of the first questions that victims have before diving into the legal process is: how much will I win in compensation? The honest answer is that it is different for everyone because every injury is different.

An MRI imaging scan might show two patients as having identical herniated disc injuries, each in their lower back. But that does not mean the pain experienced by the victims will be the same.

Injuries will also heal differently. One victim might make a full recovery, while another suffers worsening pain for the rest of their life. The factors dictating the amount of compensation you could receive include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Level of negligence
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost capacity to work
  • Impact on quality of life

At Bisnar Chase, we believe that all victims deserve to be compensated when they have been injured by another person’s negligence. Some herniated disc victims have to suffer through months of pain, while others have to undergo drastic surgeries.

This type of back injury might even prevent you from enjoying your life as you were once able to; perhaps preventing you from sleeping or playing sports.

It is your lawyer’s job to secure you the best herniated disc settlement possible to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injury.

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No Win No Fee Herniated Disc Attorneys

There are plenty of personal injury law firms based in California that can handle herniated disc injury cases. But at Bisnar Chase we believe in providing superior representation.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have a 99% success rate and have won more than $650 million for our clients. But we focus on more than just the numbers. We offer a compassionate approach, building strong attorney/client relationships, and providing the support you need throughout legal proceedings.

At Bisnar Chase, every prospective client gets a free consultation with no obligations. Contact us now to talk over your case with a legal expert. If you decide to sign with us, you will get a no win, no fee guarantee.

Our law offices are based in Newport Beach, but we help clients all across California. Whether you are based in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or Northern California, we are here to help you.

Contact the California herniated disc injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase now. Call (800) 561-4887 for immediate help, or click to send us an email outlining your case.

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