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Catastrophic Injury Attorneys: Client Testimonials

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Client Testimonials

When you need help with a personal injury lawsuit he experiences of other injury victims can help you make the right choice when it comes to your legal representation. You will be searching for the best catastrophic injury lawyer client testimonials you can find.

The expert legal team at Bisnar Chase has helped more than 12,000 victims of serious injuries seek the justice that they deserve.

We take our work seriously and are dedicated to helping those who have suffered due to the negligence of another person. But we also know that choosing the right attorney can be tough for victims, with a huge number of personal injury firms in California all vying for clients.

At Bisnar Chase, we believe that our catastrophic injury lawyers’ client testimonials set them apart. Our top-rated attorneys will get you the maximum possible compensation, while also offering guidance and support.

If you are searching for the best lawyers nearby to help with your case, look no further. Let our catastrophic injury lawyer reviews and attorney testimonials guide you in making this choice.

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Why Choose Bisnar Chase? Lawyer Reviews

At Bisnar Chase, we believe that our track record speaks for itself: 96% success rate, more than $650 million won in verdicts and settlements. But our client testimonials also give a glimpse into the personal touch that we provide.

Filing a catastrophic injury lawsuit can be a daunting process. But we hope that the reviews below show prospective clients that they can sign with our law firm with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they will receive outstanding care and superior representation.

"Bisnar and Chase was without a doubt my best choice when T-boned while I was fully in the right of way. They are formed with an unbelievably knowledgeable team, all with your absolute best interest in mind and heart. They remained diligent with my case over its entire duration of 3.5 years. I would recommend them to anyone. Francisca and Gavin, I can't thank you and your entire staff enough."

- A.S.

"I have known Brian Chase for many years and know how deeply he cares about his clients. I refer people to the firm without hesitation. The attorneys at Bisnar Chase are truly interested in the welfare of their clients."

- R.B.

"My experience with Bisnar Chase was a most heartwarming experience. I really felt cared for and taken care of each and every step of the way. Thank you very much John, Brian, Jerry and entire staff. God Bless."

- M.A.B.

"I cannot begin to articulate our gratitude to the Bisnar Chase staff - we are so very thankful for all you have done for Josh. As parents, Charlotte and I can rest in peace, when that day comes, knowing that Josh's needs have been taken care of, and his financial future is in good hands with sound financial planners at A.G. Edwards."

"On December 17, 2003 we received a call from the paramedics stating that Josh and Lisa had been in a severe accident, and we needed to meet them at the emergency room. I remember telling God that I can deal with missing limbs because they can be replaced, but please do not take him from us. A month later we met with members of your staff for the first time, Josh had a traumatic brain injury and his future was looking pretty bleak; we had no idea where he would be eighteen months later. All we could think of at the time was that our son's future, his goals, and dreams had been taken from him so abruptly."

"As time passed, Josh continued to improve and he began his journey of recovery. Many have been involved in this process, and you and your staff have been an integral part of Josh's recovery, and we will be forever grateful. God has brought so many people into our lives, and we are so very blessed. Numerous emails were sent to Personal Injury Attorney's. were on a ski trip at Big Bear with your family, and you were the only Personal Injury Attorney to respond - I believe this was divine intervention. Josh has a professor from Mt. San Jacinto College who has taken him "under his wing," and is showing him other career possibilities."

"John, the future looks good for Josh - thank you!"

- K.N.

"Hiring Bisnar Chase was the best thing I could have done for my situation. They handled all legal issues in a competent and professional manner, allowing me to focus on my daily life without worrying about the case."

- M.G.

"My experience with Bisnar Chase was a heartwarming experience. I really felt cared for and taken care of each and every time and step of the way. Thank you to everyone at Bisnar Chase."

- M.B.

"In my time of loss and confusion Bisnar Chase gave me the peace of mind to worry only about my injuries and get better - That helped me to get back on my feet and get back to a normal life. Thank You!"

- R.R.

"Bisnar Chase and staff are the most courteous and professional firm I have had the pleasure of using."

- J.A.

"I just wanted everyone to know how grateful Miguel and Luga were to your office and everyone that participated in their case. I met with them this morning to give them their settlement checks. Miguel stated from the first time he walked into our office and from walking out the door today was one of the most heartwarming experiences he has ever had. They both felt cared for and taken care of every step of the way! I just wanted to pass that on to each of you and to applaud you for such a fine job!"

- K.L.

"Bisnar Chase resolved my case within 90 days for $500,000! I was extremely pleased with the way John Bisnar handled my legal matter. I was disabled and collecting insurance from a disability policy, when the insurance company set up a trial balloon and decided I was no longer eligible to collect. John Bisnar of Bisnar Chase represented me in the successful lawsuit against the insurance company. My case was resolved within 90 days of my case being filed. Not only did I recover financially $525,000, but I received personal satisfaction in standing up to the insurance company that was ripping me off."

"I feel that the settlement I received was due mainly to John Bisnar's tenacity and thorough investigation procedures. I have referred several people to Bisnar Chase and will continue to do so."

- M.L.

"I would not change a thing about hos my case was handled. On a 1-10 scale, I would give Bisnar Chase a 12!! I retained the services of Bisnar Chase after very tragic circumstances necessitated bring a lawsuit against a major automobile manufacturer. I was extremely satisfied with the manner in which my family and I were treated. Every single person at the firm was attentive, courteous and very knowledgeable."

- D.L.

"For a relatively smaller case, I was treated as if it was a million plus recovery."

- A.S.

"I have been in the construction business for many years and have retained the services of Bisnar Chase on a number of matters. I had dealt with other law firms before turning to Bisnar Chase. I found that the law firm of Bisnar Chase and John Bisnar personally were always available to answer all of my questions and address my concerns thoroughly. The staff is always courteous and attentive and I would not hesitate to recommend Bisnar Chase. In fact - I have on many occasions."

- S.M.

"The team at Bisnar Chase is always ready to serve and goes beyond to a personal side. Thank you."

- R.W.

"Bisnar Chase made me feel very special and were there every step of the way."

- N.M.

"Mr. Bisnar and his staff are very courteous, honest, and professional. They took care of everything from start to finish and I would highly recommend this Firm to anyone. Thank you all for all your help."

- K.H.

"On behalf of Legal Network Staffing Service and the team of temporary employees who were dispatched to work in your offices, I would like to personally thank you for providing such a conducive atmosphere in which to work."

Legal Network Staffing Service has been in business since 1977, and I don't remember a time when I received such complimentary feedback from the temporary employees concerning any law office. It was said that, "The Bisnar firm was a lovely place to work," that "We could feel the team effort put forth toward client representation,"" and that "It was obvious that it started from the top to make the chemistry of the firm so wonderful."

Shannon was very clear with her requirements, and it was evident that she had your client's welfare in mind since she was still working with me into the evening after she went home to her family obligations. Thank you very much, John, for making our staffing job so pleasant.

- C.W. from Legal Network Staffing

"Because of Bisnar Chase's wonderful service, I was able to have my surgery right away."

- M.V.R.

"Pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Bisnar Chase staff very sensitive to situation, very professional."

- A.V.

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If you have suffered a catastrophic injury – whether it is a neck injury, spinal cord damage, herniated disc, nerve damage, or some other form of severe pain and suffering – Bisnar Chase can help.

If you have read through our catastrophic injury lawyers' client testimonials, you know that we take our work very seriously. We are dedicated to securing maximum possible compensation, maintaining a 99% success rate.

We handle a huge range of cases, from car accidents and dog bites to premises liability. Trust us to get the right result for you.

Contact us now for a free case review, and to find out more about our legal services. Call (800) 561-4887 or email us through our website.

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