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California Uber Car Accident Attorneys

California Uber Car Accident Lawyer

The California Uber Car Accident Lawyers at Bisnar Chase believe that passengers involved in rideshare accidents are entitled to compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost wages.

There are a number of complex legal questions that face accident victims after an Uber crash. The Law Firm of Bisnar Chase has the knowledge and expertise to prove that a rideshare driver is at fault for your injuries.

Our legal representation has won millions of dollars in settlements for accident victims and we have held a 99% success rate over the past four decades. Our legal team aims to alleviate your pain and suffering by consistently checking on you and updating you on the status of your case.

Call us at (800) 561-4887 to receive a free consultation on your Uber car crash claim.

The Difference Between Uber and Other Ridesharing Companies

Uber is a ridesharing service, which allows customers to request a ride from nearby drivers using the company's iPhone or Android app. Within minutes, the vehicle arrives and transports the passenger to the desired location. The ridesharing business has been expanding at a rapid rate, with Uber and other rideshare companies growing in popularity.

Uber's rideshare company differs from others in availability and location. It is the only ridesharing company that is international which gives them an advantage over competitors such as Lyft. There are currently 900,000 Uber drivers in the United States and in a three year period, over 95 million people have used the Uber app all over the world.

However, an increase in Uber ridership has come with a rise in the number of accidents involving Uber vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions About California Uber Accidents

Drivers, riders and pedestrians usually have countless questions on what to do after an Uber car accident. Some drivers are even confused about whether they should turn to their very own insurance company or trust that Uber will compensate victims for their losses. The following are commonly asked questions about Uber motor vehicle incidents.

It depends and at times it can be a complex legal situation. Uber drivers are independent contractors which means that if an Uber driver was at fault for an accident they are then liable for lost wages or the medical bills a collision victim or pedestrian victim has obtained.

What Uber's insurance will cover is based on what category your incident falls in. There are three different categories that Uber categorizes crashes which are Period 1, Period 2 and Period 3. The type of period will determine how much you will receive in compensation.

As soon as you have sought out medical attention and filed a police report, notify the rideshare company of the accident first. You can report an accident through the app as a passenger. Uber may deny that they were at fault for your injuries and will refuse to compensate you for your injuries. Speak to a California Uber accident attorney for more information.

If Uber does not pay for the losses that you have acquired from a motor vehicle incident you need to review your insurance policy contract. Your personal insurance will state if you will have any changes to your policy after the accident and if you will be covered for the collision as well.

Seek medical treatment right away after an Uber wreck. No matter how minor you think your injuries are you should be examined after for peace of mind and if you have suffered from serious injuries, providing medical documentation to your Uber car accident lawyer, later on, will be beneficial for you.

Training for Uber Drivers

Many ridesharing companies, such as Uber, do not have driver's training for their employees. Uber's app trains its drivers on how to operate the app as a worker. The ridesharing company does not include how to safely operate a vehicle when riding with passengers.

The lack of safe driving features has led many drivers to fall asleep on the road due to being burned out. The absence of safety training has also led some Uber motorists to be careless behind the wheel. One of those incidents included a woman colliding with and killing a pedestrian while driving for Uber.

In Tempe, Arizona, ridesharing driver Rafaela Vasquez was on her phone watching a television show when she hit and killed pedestrian Elaine Herzberg. Vasquez was operating a "self-driving" vehicle through Uber. Authorities stated that: "this crash would not have occurred if Vasquez would have been monitoring the vehicle and roadway conditions and was not distracted."

Are Riders Less Safe with Driverless Uber Vehicles?

Uber execs have stated that their main goal is to ultimately provide self-driving cars to its riders. The feature still has much room for improvement though, which begs the question: "are autonomous Uber vehicles safe?" The incident following the death of Elaine Herzberg had left many with a massive amount of doubt.

The state of Arizona went as far as to ban all Uber self-driving vehicles to ensure that a collision of this sort will not happen again.

The main cause of the rideshare accident that involved a pedestrian being killed was negligence on the driver's part but also the faulty emergency brake system of the autonomous Uber. Uber's Volvo SUVs can not determine if there is a cyclist, jaywalker or car in its path. Uber is continuously testing out its self-driving vehicles to ensure that they are safe, but according to Consumer Reports, companies like Uber always fail to prioritize safety for their riders despite incidents such as that of Herzberg.

"We hope Uber has cleaned up its act, but without mandatory standards for self-driving cars, there will always be companies out there that skimp on safety. We need smart, strong safety rules in place for self-driving cars to reach their life-saving potential.”

Are Ridesharing Drivers Insured?

Uber does insure their drivers, but the insurance coverage is limited and may not cover all incidents. Uber's insurance policy provides liability coverage for three types of accidents which include Period 1, Period 2 and Period 3.

Period 1

This period involves a driver riding around on the Uber app waiting to pick up a passenger. Uber does not cover comprehensive, collision, uninsured or under-insured insurance in their policy. This period involves a driver riding around on the Uber app waiting for a person to request a ride. Uber does not cover man hurt after an accidentcomprehensive, collision, uninsured or under-insured insurance in their policy.

Period 2 & Period 3

These periods are associated with a rider actually being in the car. Uber highly publicizes the fact that the company has a $1 million insurance policy, but this policy is subject to change.

If Uber does not cover the damages...

If you were a pedestrian who was injured or who has lost a loved one to a wrongful death, contact the California ridesharing attorneys of Bisnar Chase at (800) 561-4887 for a free case analysis.

Uber Car Accident Statistics

According to the MIT Technology Review, ridesharing companies such as Uber have led to an increase in car crashes. The study has shared that motor vehicle collision fatalities have risen by 2%-3% and many of them have involved Uber. The reason that many Uber drivers find themselves in these situations is due to a practice called "deadheading."

Deadheading is associated with the time spent waiting for people to request a ride. states that "For every mile a Uber or Lyft car drives with a passenger, it cruises as many miles — if not more — without a passenger, a practice known in the industry as deadheading. Estimates of total deadheading time vary from 30 percent to as much as 60 percent."

The rideshare company encourages its employees to keep driving while waiting for a rider. This leads to Uber drivers to travel in circles ultimately raising their chances of being involved in a car accident.

California Rideshare Crash Incidents

Many more Uber-related car crashes have occurred following that of Elaine Herzberg's incident. In Concord, California, 40-year-old father of seven, Waheed Etimad died in a wrong-way collision. While driving for Uber Etimad was struck head-on by a motorist on Highway 101.

Etimad is just one of the few drivers who have suffered a wrongful death while driving for Uber. The Etimad family stated that even though they are in contact with Uber it is still unclear how and if they will receive a settlement for their loss. The ridesharing company has proven, in the past to not pay for the entirety of a driver's accident.

Uber Sexual Assault Incident Facts

Uber has provided over 1.3 billion trips since it's launch in March of 2009. The rideshare company alleged that Uber is a cheaper, faster and safer way for a person to commute. Since it's release though, many sexual attacks have taken place. Here's what you need to know before you order an Uber.

5 Facts about Sexual Assault-Related Occurrences Involving Uber

  • Uber reported over 3,000 sexual assaults have taken place
  • There have been 235 rape reports
  • 92% of rapes were allegedly committed by drivers
  • In one year, nine people have been murdered
  • 89% of the victims were women riders
If you were assualted or attacked in an Uber, Bisnar Chase's Uber Assault Lawyers are here to take your call. Our California Uber Car Accident Attorneys will aid you in your time of need.

California Enforces Uber Regulations

The state of California has enforced new regulations on ridesharing companies due to the low pay that many Uber and Lyft drivers had been facing. Countless Uber drivers have complained of small wages for extensive work hours that have ranged from 60-70 hours a week.

California officials passed the AB5 bill otherwise known as the "gig worker rule" to alleviate some of the financial woes of Uber and Lyft's independent contractors. The bill expects rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft to pay their drivers minimum wage, health insurance and paid sick time.

In spite of the passing of the bill, the rideshare company still had the need to classify its drivers as independent contractors. Due to Uber labeling their drivers as "independent contractors" they had not been forced in the past to provide benefits or sick time. Uber has made claims against the AB5 bill saying that it would damage the business model altogether.

Is it Worth Driving for Uber?

Uber has become an alternative source of income for those who are seeking a flexible schedule, extra funds or a means to occupy their extra time. Uber requires it's drivers to use their own car and expects drivers to also operate their vehicles safely.

For those looking to drive or are currently driving for Uber, has it been worthwhile? Former Uber drivers have stated that it is a definite no.

Past employees have claimed that Uber's advertising on wages can be misleading and not everyone would be compensated equally for their rides. Others have also claimed that the wear and tear on their vehicle have not been worth the drive as well.

Michigan Driver, Barb.M shared with Business Insider "I wish I would have known how much damage customers were going to do to my vehicle and the wear and tear and how much it would cost to maintain it. If you're not having a good week the gas and maintenance alone can blow all your profit."

Uber's car repairs can be up to $250 and most of the time, drivers are not compensated.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A California Uber Car Accident

There are several steps you can and should take if you have been injured in an accident:

  • Contact the police. File a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency and obtain a copy of that report for your own records.
  • Get the license plate number and contact information for other drivers or parties involved.
  • Talk to any potential witnesses, anyone who may have witnessed the crash.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene including the position of the vehicles and any injuries you may have suffered.
  • Collect insurance information for all parties involved. If you are an injured Uber passenger, make sure you get all information from your Uber driver including his or her driver's contact information, license number, vehicle license plate and auto insurance information. This is vital and will help you later on when you file a claim. You can also speak to an Uber car accident lawyer to explore your legal options.
  • Get prompt medical attention, treatment and care for any injuries you may have sustained.

It is important to remember that regardless of how confusing these details may be, you are entitled to compensation if you have been injured by an Uber driver, whether you are an Uber passenger, the driver or passenger in another vehicle, or if you are a bicyclist or pedestrian.

You need one of the best attorneys for Uber accidents on your side who can fight for your rights and help you to be compensated for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and for other losses you have faced. If you have experienced a serious personal injury due to being involved in a rideshare incident, contact the Law Offices of Bisnar Chase today.

Our California Uber Car Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

Fighting with insurance companies or large corporations such an Uber can be an uphill task for the average person.

The trial lawyers at Bisnar Chase stand up against insurance companies and large corporations on behalf of our seriously injured clients and fight hard to secure maximum compensation for their losses.

We have a 99% success rate with our cases and also offer a no-win, no-fee guarantee to our clients. This means you don't pay any fees or costs.

Call us at 800-561-4887 and begin the process of winning the compensation you deserve.

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