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California SUV Roof Crush Attorneys

California SUV roof crush lawyer

The California SUV Roof Crush Lawyers of Bisnar Chase can guide you through the process of pursuing justice and help you get the best results for your catastrophic vehicle accident.

Very often, consumers looking for family vehicles turn to SUVs because they have the room a growing family needs and their large dimensions give the appearance of safety. The frightening truth, however, is that many of these SUVs are designed poorly and that they are prone to accidents.

The law office of Bisnar Chase has been representing victims of injury accidents for 40 years. Our California SUV roof crush attorneys have accumulated over $650 Million dollars in winnings and guarantee that if there is no win there is no fee.

If you have been involved in a serious SUV roof crush incident, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and those of your family.

For a free consultation, call the law firm of Bisnar Chase at 1 (866) 909-6161.

Causes of California SUV Roof Crush Accident?

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are some of the most popular automobiles on California highways. It seems that all car manufacturers have their own versions of this type of vehicle, and consumers have snatched them up as quickly as they leave the assembly lines. Unfortunately, consumers have experienced multiple complications when driving out of the car dealership with these vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shown that SUVs roll over almost three times as often as passenger cars and it is estimated that more than 12,000 people are killed in roof crush accidents each year.

There are specific factors that have been linked to crashes that involve SUV's though.

Below is a compiled list of what elements can lead to a roof crush accident.

3 Causes of a California Roof Crush Accident

  1. Vehicle tripping: Factors that can contribute to an SUV roof crush accident can be the wheels of a vehicle treading on soft soil, a high slope or a driving too close to a guardrail. The weight of an SUV more top heavy than a four-door automobile. If an SUV is driven at a high speed on a highway with two lanes and there is a sudden problem, may have limited time to react and control the vehicle. SUV's should be driven with caution just in case the structure of the road is unreliable.
  2. Poor maintenance: SUV roof crush lawyer in CaliforniaSince an SUV is bigger in size, maintenance is necessary for not only for the driver but for other drivers on the road. Tires that are extremely deteriorated or low in air supply have been proven to put SUV drivers at risk. If a small puncture goes unnoticed this can lead to a tire blow-out. Statistics have concluded that over 78,000 drivers have been involved in serious crashes as a result of tire blow-outs.
  3. Swerving: SUV's are difficult to maneuver because of their structure. It can be hard to see behind and many drivers also underestimate a turn. Unlike regular motor vehicles, SUV's have an increased chance of tipping over if swerved aggressively. Drivers of larger vehicles are encouraged not to over exceed the highway speed limit. Studies show that over 40% of roof crush accidents could have been prevented if the driver of the SUV was not speeding.

Liable Parties in SUV Roof Crush Cases

Defective seat belt buckles, door locks or latches that fail to stay locked, seatback failures, airbag deployment failures, post-collision fuel fed fires, and seatbelt buckles that open during a crash can all result in catastrophic injuries for drivers and passengers.

Not all drivers are at fault though when an SUV Roof crush accident occurs. Auto manufacturers have a duty to keep automobilist safe while driving. In 1966 the federal government instilled the "Motor Vehicle Safety Act" which required automobile manufacturers to follow specific standards of safety. The act came after studies indicated that almost 94,000 people died in one year from a motor vehicle accident. Even though safety standards have been set in place this has not hindered drivers from being involved in auto accidents.

Besides negligent drivers, manufacturers can be held liable for roof crush accidents as well.

Manufacturers responsible for auto defects fall into two categories in product liability.

Defective auto parts: If an auto part is made incorrectly, there is a high possibility that an accident will occur. Vehicle parts may not be defected initially but during shipment have been improperly cared for. Lack of care when transporting an auto part can lead to a crucial part of a vehicle, such as brakes to be damaged.

Vehicle design: If a part of the vehicle was manufactured correctly, but the design itself caused severe injuries or deaths, the manufactured can still be held accountable. One of the most earliest examples of dangerous car designs were not implementing seat belts in automobiles.

An experienced California SUV Roof Crush Lawyer can earn you the compensation you deserve for the losses and damages you have faced.

SUV Roof Crush Accident Statistics

Sport Utility Vehicles were initially designed for off-road driving. Because of this, most SUVs have high suspensions and a small wheel base to allow the autos to navigate rugged terrain. These factors, along with the SUVs size, result in a higher center of gravity, which when paired with highway speeds and sudden turns can be a recipe for disaster.

In 2003, 35.7 percent of fatal SUV crashes resulted in a rollover incident. That same year just 15.8 percent of fatal passenger vehicle accidents resulted in a roof crush. The NHTSA has concluded that roof crush accidents are one of the most significant safety problems for all classes of light trucks. For the years 1992 through 1996, there were an average of approximately 227,000 roof crash crashes per year which resulted in an average of 9,063 deaths and over 200,000 injuries per year.

Our Attorneys Will Get You The Compensation You Deserve

Sub-par safety standards can contribute to the dangerous nature of roof crush crashes. Roof crush accidents are especially dangerous because of the blunt force trauma the passengers experience during the crash. Passengers involved in roof crush accidents are often thrown from the vehicles during the crash, resulting in catastrophic injury.

Occupants in a roof crush accident can also be injured by weak roof support reinforcements that collapse under the weight of the vehicle. Roofs that collapse can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries which can result in paralysis, and even fatalities. California SUV roof crush attorneys

If you or someone you know has experienced serious injuries due to a California SUV roof crush accident the personal injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase are here to help. We have won millions of dollars for our clients and have taken on the toughest cases. Our SUV Roof Crush Lawyers have held at 96% percent success rate for forty years.

When you call today you will receive a free case analysis from one of our top legal team experts. Insurance companies do not have your best interest.

Contact the California SUV roof crush attorneys of Bisnar Chase at 1(866) 909-6161.

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