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California Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

California bad faith lawyers

Most people purchase insurance as protection against loss or an injury and believe that they are in good hands after a catastrophic event. This is not always true. The California Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers of Bisnar Chase recognize insurance companies do not have your best interest. As many consumers can tell you, insurance companies often look for ways to deny claims, even if their excuses for denying claims are unsubstantiated.

The injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase are dedicated to making sure that your rights are protected and that insurance companies live up to the "faith" you have placed in them. Our clients have been compensated with amounts up to a million dollars and have gained recognition for superior legal representation. The law firm of Bisnar Chase has been the recipient of numerous awards which include "Attorney of the Year", "Community Hero" and "Best Places to Work."

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You deserve to have an insurance company that will take care of you and if they fail to do so they should be held accountable. Call now.

Client reviews

Client Review
"Bisnar Chase provided outstanding service in negotiating with the other person's insurance company. They worked hard to get me the best settlement and the turn around time was fast. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd have to give the staff and attorneys of Bisnar Chase a 10." - J. McMillan, former client

Client Review
"I knew I made the right choice with Bisnar Chase because they went above and beyond to help. I especially want to thank Colleen and Chris for meeting all my needs and walking me through every piece of information. You have excellent employees in this firm! I was treated like family and the service and professionalism was above and beyond." - M. Cheng, former client

What is a "Bad Faith" Insurance Lawsuit?

The attempt to avoid paying justified claims is what has come to be known as "bad faith". You are placing your "faith" in your insurance company when you buy a policy from them; "bad faith" is the insurance company's breach of your trust, its betrayal in denying your claim for an insincere, fraudulent or false reason.

"Bad faith" can also be the result of your insurance company's refusal to pay the full benefits for which you have contracted. For example, you are injured and your medical bills are $25,000.00 and your insurance company agrees to pay only $15,000.00.

When an insurer denies your claim, there may be a good reason, but there may also be no reason at all. Many consumers feel that they must automatically agree to a denial of benefits. This is not the case. Question any denial; challenge it. An insurance company approaches a claim as something to avoid if at all legally possible. Insurance companies do not make money paying out claims, but from collecting premiums from policyholders. Bear that in mind when you submit your claim. Your own diligence and complete documentation can be your best weapon in dealing with an insurance company over a disputed claim in California.

3 Steps to Filing a Claim Against an Insurance Company

Insurance companies can be very strategic when it comes to dodging a lawsuit. Many may make you feel and state that you were the one at fault in the incident. The insurance company would state that you were responsible for the accident so they do not have to pay for your expenses and losses. If your insurance company denies your claim for any reason you have the right to file a lawsuit.

It can be an intense and confusing process to go up against an insurance company. There are actions that you can take to ease the process though.

3 steps to take when filing a lawsuit against an insurance company:

  1. Look back at your insurance policies: Although you can file a "bad faith" claim for any reason, a prime aspect of your case would be identifying if your insurance company violated your contract in the first place. Review a complete copy of your insurance contract, including your core coverage, and any additional protection such as gap insurance. This information can also aid your California Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer with your case.
  2. Don't take "no" for an answer the first time: If your claim is denied the first time you can take matters into your own hands by giving the claim to the California Department of Insurance to reexamine your claim. Bad faith insurance lawyers in CaliforniaThis governmental entity serves to protect consumers from their insurance company. If they agree that there is a violation in the contract then you can make a final demand letter in which the insurance company has 15-60 days to respond.
  3. Hire a California bad faith insurance attorney: The basic duty of your insurance company is to cover your losses for your physical and emotional suffering after an accident. If they fail to do so then you should be compensated for their negligence. The injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase have provided legal representation for countless victims of bad faith insurance companies for 40 years. You don't have to go up against these big insurance companies alone. Call 877-705-6556 for a free case analysis.

Common Types of Insurance Lawsuits

The insurance industry makes up to one trillion dollars per year and many different kinds of insurance are made available to consumers. There are certain categories of insurance that are brought to the courts more often than others though. No matter what category your insurance company falls into you still have the right to file a lawsuit. Below are the common types of insurance companies that are brought to the courts.

Auto accident: After suffering from a devastating industry many consumers have faith in their auto insurance company to take care of the damages. In order to receive compensation for the costs that you have obtained in a car accident, there needs to be a thorough investigation. If your car insurance company does not conduct a comprehensive analysis of the car wreck this can be seen as negligence by the auto insurance companies fault.

Health and disability insurance: Many people who have either experienced extreme health problems or have suffered injuries at work can file a disability claim. The U.S. Census has reported that 1 in 5 people are living with a disability. What does it take for a person to qualify as disabled? The Social Security Administration states that a "Your condition must significantly limit your ability to do basic work such as lifting, standing, walking, sitting, and remembering – for at least 12 months. If it does not, we will find that you are not disabled."If your insurance denies your claim and your disability falls under this definition you are encouraged to seek legal representation.

We Will Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

The California Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers of Bisnar Chase understand that many people rely on insurance companies to be there for them in their time of need. Since 1978, our legal representation has won clients over $650 Million dollars in compensation.

Our legal representation has held a 99% success rate and we have tackled the most complicated of cases. The Bisnar Chase bad faith insurance attorneys of Southern California will earn you the compensation you deserve for the punitive damages you have faced from your incident.

Contact the law offices of Bisnar Chase from Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. One of our top-notch legal representatives will take your call along with give you a free case evaluation on your "bad faith" claim.

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