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Pedestrian Traffic Signals

Pedestrians must heed the indications made by regular traffic signals and signs unless there is a pedestrian control signal present. These controls explicitly tell pedestrians when it is legal to cross through an intersection using a cross walk, and when it is not.

pedestrian traffic signal"WALK" or a signal showing a "walking person" is the indication that it is OK for a pedestrian facing the signal to cross the road. Pedestrians must, however, yield to vehicles that are already in the intersection when the pedestrian control signal goes on. This traffic is considered to have the right-of-way, and a pedestrian may continue across the street when the vehicles have passed and it is safe.

Flashing pedestrian signals showing "DON'T WALK", "WAIT", or the "upraised hand" mean that pedestrians facing this signal are not allowed to begin crossing the roadway. Any pedestrian who has already begun traveling across the street when one of these symbols flashes is allowed to complete crossing.

Pedestrians who cross the street even when the pedestrian traffic signal or regular traffic signals show it is not time to cross may be subject to jaywalking fines. Jaywalking is considered illegal or reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway that ignores traffic signals or happens outside a crosswalk.

Paying attention to pedestrian and regular traffic signals helps make traveling by foot safe even when done so in the presence of vehicles.

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