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Buena Park Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Buena Park Nursing Home Lawyers

The Buena Park Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have fought for the rights of Orange County senior citizens since 1978. Seniors can be very fragile and often times the staff is overworked and underpaid leading to frustration. Sadly, the frustration is often taken out on the patients.

Our team of personal injury attorneys has sustained a 99% success rate at winning compensation for those who've had a family member harmed or neglected in a nursing home.

If your loved one has been abused by a nursing home worker please call 949-203-3814 to explore our legal services.

5 Common Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Many nursing home facilities fail to meet sanitation, nutritional and safety standards at times. Families of those who live in these facilities need to be vigilant with visiting their loved ones. Checking on loved ones frequently, talking to them about their neighbors and the staff, and observing them for changes in behavior are a few of the ways families can help prevent or stop elder abuse. Neglect and abuse are hard to prove at times because many nursing home staff claim their injuries were caused by their medical conditions or because they have fallen.

If you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated as a senior resident, these are the common signs to look out for.

  1. Bedsores: Bedsores (pressure ulcers) can be identified as skin that is red, dark and is warm to the touch. This is caused by a person laying down in the same position for an extended period of time. Elderly residents have difficulty walking or simply switching a position in their beds. Caretakers or a nursing home staff member is required to move a client often so they maintain circulation in their body. There are four different stages of bedsores with the fourth being the worse of the condition. In the fourth stage of a bedsore, tissues or bones are exposed and an aggressive infection has occurred as well. Graphic of the different stages of besores
  2. Loss of appetite: If you find your loved one is malnourished and does not have the motivation to eat they can be suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect. At times the transition from living in their home to relocating to a senior living facility can be tough. There can be other factors that are triggering the loss of appetite. The senior client may be taunted or stressed to the point that they do not feel hungry. There have been cases in the past where a worker will withhold food from a person. To keep up on your loved one's physical and mental well being, visit often and keep a record if you see any changes in their demeanor.
  3. Depression or anxiety: Sudden changes in moods and behaviors are one of the key indicators of nursing home abuse. Reasons for the depression can include a staff member acting aggressively towards an elder, taunting the elder or even threatening the senior resident if they were to report the mistreatment to their family. Another sign that a nursing home client is being abused is if they are suffering from nightmares. Nightmares can result from the abuse leading to a lack of sleep which can worsen the elderly resident's physical state.
  4. Detached behavior: When your loved one is withdrawn at every visit that you have with him/her it may be due to elder abuse or neglect. Elderly residents need to have social interaction in order to sustain a healthy mentality. Different types of behaviors that might lead to your loved one being withdrawn can include a staff member leaving him/her alone for hours at a time or a nursing home worker completely ignoring them. There are times where withdrawn behavior can be a symptom of a senior resident having dementia. If there is not a family history of dementia and your loved one only exhibited this behavior after entering the nursing home do not rule out that your family member might be experiencing nursing home abuse.
  5. Dirty clothes or bed sheets: Nursing homes are required to keep their facilities clean to prevent clients from suffering from an infection and prevent viruses from spreading. Elderly residents have a weaker immune system which means that they are more inclined to contract an illness. Upkeep is important and facilities who fail to meet sanitation standards are neglecting their residents. If you see that your loved one has soiled clothing, soiled bedsheets or do not have their teeth brushed you can file a claim against a nursing home for negligence.

California Law and Senior Neglect

Studies have indicated that the elderly demographic is one of many populations who experience abuse. For fear of retaliation, many incidents also go unreported. Due to the physical and emotional abuse, many nursing home residents take their own lives or lose their lives at the hands of a staff member.

The nursing home residents who are more likely to be abused are those on Medicaid. The Orange County Register reported that "Overall, unreported cases worked out to 18% of about 37,600 episodes in which a Medicare beneficiary was taken to the emergency room from a nursing facility in circumstances that raised red flags."

California enforces a strict law to protect seniors from wrongdoers.

Cal Wel & Inst Code §§ 15600  " defines elder abuse as (a) "Abuse of an elder or a dependent adult" means any of the following:(1) Physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment with resulting physical harm or pain or mental suffering. (2) The deprivation by a care custodian of goods or services that are necessary to avoid physical harm or mental suffering. (3) Financial abuse, as defined in Section 15610.30."

Nursing homes that do not take action against a worker who is exhibiting these behaviors is seen as negligent. Senior resident facilities can also face hefty fines, employees can face jail time and the nursing home itself could face being shut down completely.

Water on floor

Retirement Facility Dangers

Buena Park is a city of around 83,000 in north Orange County that boasts several tourist attractions, including Knott's Berry Farm. There are several retirement facilities in the Buena Park area and several more in nearby cities. If you live in Buena Park and are considering moving into a managed-care situation, or if you have a family member who needs to be placed, you want to find the very best home possible.

Unfortunately, even facilities that have good reputations can suffer from poor employees or management. In some cases, residents can pose a threat to others as well. If you find that your dream retirement location has turned into a nightmare because of abuse or neglect, nursing home lawyers can assist you in collecting damages.

No one likes to think about it, but nursing home abuses and instances of neglect happen frequently. In fact, experts estimate that one out of three residents of an assisted living facility will suffer some form of abuse during their stay.

As most residents of nursing care facilities are women, this means a very high number of abuses directed toward the female gender, including instances of physical and sexual abuse. Because older people or those who are disabled make up the populations of these facilities, there is little chance for them to fight back or overpower an aggressor.

Some abuses are not so frightening and are, in fact, far more common. Residents may suffer from petty theft, neglect of needed services, and verbal abuse from staff or other residents.

However, some of the neglect that occurs in assisted care facilities is nothing to shrug off. If a resident does not receive medication regularly, for example, he or she may suffer health issues and could even face a dire medical emergency.

What to Do if Your Loved One is Being Abused

If you suspect that your loved one is in immediate danger then call the local police department. The authorities will not only be able to protect your loved one but they can also conduct an investigation and fill out a report of what transpired. Other contacts that you can reach out to if your family member is experiencing abuse Administration of Aging, your loved one's primary doctor or their social worker.

Many families do not feel as though contacting the authorities is not enough when seeking justice for their loved one. When you reach out to an experienced Buena Park nursing home abuse lawyer they will help you navigate the entire legal process of your loved one's case. The injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase believe that your family member should be compensated for the injustices that took place in the senior living center. We have been holding negligent parties accountable for their wrongdoing's for over 40 years.

Contact our law offices today and receive a thorough free case analysis.

Who is Responsible for Your Family Member's Injuries?

Liability for your loved one's injuries falls on the party that could have prevented the incident. The nursing home facility owes your family member what is known as the "duty of care" as soon as they are admitted as a client. This means that the staff of the nursing home which can include doctors, nurses and upper management has a legal duty to care for your family member.

Upon you visit to the nursing home, there will be a senior care plan set in place. This plan will be included in the contract that you will sign stating that you entrust the senior living facility to care for your loved one. If the facility fails to provide the care that is stated in the contract such as providing your loved with their medication, feeding your loved one the proper amount of nutrition or bathing your loved one on a daily basis the senior living facility is being negligent.

Hiring the Right Elder Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

Nursing home attorneys can help. Our Buena Park Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers have not only studied the law surrounding assisted living at both the state and federal level but have the experience to guide families through the process of collecting evidence to support a complaint or a suit against a home.

You may think that you cannot prove what has happened or is happening to your loved one, but that may not be the case. When you talk to an attorney about your loved one's situation, you may find that there are ways of proving abuse and neglect that you may not know about.

Make an appointment today to talk to a personal injury attorney about your loved one's living conditions. Call 949-203-3814 to discuss your case with us.

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