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You May Be Entitled up to $500 Thanks to This Robocall Settlement

Although robocalls are invasive and spammy, these unsolicited calls are still currently legal in the United States, however, thanks to a recent class action lawsuit against a collective of companies, one of these calls can put up to $500 in your pocket.

You must act quickly because the deadline to apply for compensation is Feb. 1.

How Do I Know If I Qualify for This Settlement?

The multi-million-dollar settlement of Caribbean Cruise Line, Vacation Ownership Marketing Tours, and The Berkeley Group may qualify you to $500 in compensation if you have received an unsolicited call for one of these companies over the past five years.

You do not need to dig through your phone records to find out if you qualify.

To apply for compensation, simply go to www.freecruisecallclassaction.net and see if your number is listed as one of the pre-qualifying numbers.

If your number is listed, you are clicks away from receiving your compensation. If your number is not listed, you can still qualify, but you must provide proof on your end that you received the unsolicited call.

Details of the Case

Although robocalls are currently legal in the United States, the defendants of this lawsuit were allegedly being deceptive to the people that they were contacting.

The lawsuit claims that the defendants allegedly were making calling initially for political polling purposes, however, once the callers took the bait, the call would switch to offering a trip to the Bahamas.

The lawsuit alleges that the true motive of the companies involved was to sell time shares instead of collecting political survey information.

How Do I Protect Myself Against Robocalls?

It is very unfortunate that robocalls are still legal in the United States.

These calls can be an effective way to spread a message to the masses, however, more often that not, these calls spam, harass and intimidate the average American.

It is not fair nor just that this type of harassment continues. Our law-abiding citizens should not have to worry or fear whom is on the other side of the telephone. Although the fight against these companies is an uphill battle, there is hope.

If you have been harassed or tricked by a company that employs robocalls, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering in addition to any other losses that may have come from the robocalls.

Please seek legal help now from a class action attorney today if these conditions apply to you.

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