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Women Sue WEN Hair Care For Hair Loss and Scalp Damage

WEN Class Action Lawsuit

Chaz Dean’s line of sulfate-free hair-care products endorsed by celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Alyssa Milano, have almost a cult-like following.

But, a class action lawsuit filed by about 200 women across 40 states alleges that the products have caused hair loss, baldness and even serious scalp damage.

The lawsuit, filed in California Federal Court, also includes informercial giant Guthy-Renker

Severe Side Effects

There are a number of nightmarish stories in court papers. Nurse practitioner Amy Friedman said she bought the Wen Sweet Almont Mint basic kit and within two weeks of use began losing substantial and abnormal amounts of hair.

She said she lost about one-third of the hair on her head as a result of using the products. She said she then had to spend significant amounts of money on vitamins to help regrow her hair and on hair extensions to mask the loss.

The lawsuit also states that the company markets the products as “gentle enough to use every day” encouraging consumers to use more of the product for even better results.

Negative Google Reviews

A Google search is sufficient to show how displeased consumers are with Wen products. Consumers talk about “hair falling out in chunks” and getting bald spots after a few months of using the products.

That said, many fans of the products claim that they are the best thing to happen to them. WEN has raked in $100 million for Guthy-Renker and has given Chaz Dean celebrity status. The suit has shocked many customers especially because of the holistic lifestyle and philosophy Dean espouses in his informercials and on social media.

Dean apparently started out as a hairdresser in Los Angeles and became famous after created the WEN formula.

Consumers’ Rights

Consumers who are part of the lawsuit allege that the company not only failed to warn consumers about the dangers, but that Guthy-Renker further misled them by removing negative online reviews about the products or by blocking or erasing comments about hair loss from WEN’s Facebook page.

The complaint states WEN products contain chemicals and ingredients that are known allergens and can be harmful to hair. WEN has denied all allegations saying that their products have been chemically tested and deemed safe for all to use.

Class actions are a way for consumers to hold negligent product manufacturers accountable. If it is true that WEN did not properly test its products and deliberately concealed complaints or negative reviews from their consumers preventing them from making an informed choice, then, the manufacturer should be held liable.

We hope more facts about these products surface as the legal proceedings continue.

Our firm will be watching how this lawsuit progresses. If you or a loved one has been affected as a result of these or other defective products, please contact us to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.

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