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Woman Suffers Catastrophic Injury at Code Orange Concert

Woman Suffers Catastrophic Injury at Code Orange Concert

Emily Hoffman, a 22-year-old music enthusiast from Utah, suffered from a broken jaw and brain injury during a concert featuring the hardcore band Code Orange. The concert took place on Jan 31. at a venue in Salt Lake City called Killby Court.

What Happened During the Concert?

Eyewitness report that Hoffman was standing on the edge of the mosh pit. According to Merriam-Webster, a mosh pit is an open area within the venue where attendants of a rock concert can dance to live music in a rough and physical manner.

Hoffman was watching the band perform when a man who was allegedly wearing steel-toe boots kicked her in the face. Hoffman was knocked unconscious and was safely escorted outside the venue by friends and strangers. It has yet to be reported how involved venue security was that night in the case of attending to Hoffman’s medical needs and apprehending the man that inflicted the injury.

Neurologists determined that Hoffman’s injuries consisted of brain bleeding as well as a broken jaw that was quote “hit so hard on one side that it broke the other side free from her muscle tissue and the only thing keeping her jaw inside her body was her skin,” according to a GoFundMe page set up in her name.

Hoffman also issued a public statement via Facebook about the details of her experience that night. In the statement, Hoffman highlighted that she believes she was not an intentional target that night, however, innocent people got hurt from his actions.

Hoffman’s GoFundMe page currently is about to hit the $25,000 mark for funds raised for her recovery. It is still unclear at this moment if Hoffman will press charges.

Owner of the Venue Speaks Out

“Over nine years of ownership, nothing has happened like this. Our security and safety procedures will be improved. I have a deep love for music, our community, and all of the people who make it a great place to live,” Will Sartain wrote via a Facebook status to address the public.

Band Issues Public Statement

“We have all kinds of different people at these shows, and we have to all take care of each other, always. We’ve played hardcore shows all around the world and this is the first and only time an injury of this nature has taken place, and hopefully the last,” says the band in a collective statement to the public.

Who Was At-Fault?

Fault in this case can be proven in various ways. If enough eyewitnesses can testify that the male that inflicted injury on Hoffman was wearing steel-toe boots and that he had malicious intent that night, Hoffman can take legal action against the man for her pain and suffering.

In addition, if it can be proven that the security of the venue that night was either negligent, short-staffed that night, or not properly trained to handle this type of incident, the premises can be held liable for negligent security.

Whether you plan to take legal action or not, it is important to consult with a contingency base personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will inform you of the rights you have as a victim as well as if you are eligible to compensation for your injuries.

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