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Westinghouse Recalls Portable Generators for Fire Hazard

Westinghouse Recalls Portable Generators for Fire Hazard

Westinghouse has recalled about 7,500 dual-fuel generators because fuel can lead from the fuel filter posing a fire hazard. According to Consumer Reports, Westinghouse has received 26 reports of the generators leaking fuel, but no reports of fire or injuries. The generator recall applies to two models: the WGen5300DFv and iGen4500DF. The recall applies only to generators with a serial number that begins with 04511A1019, 04511A1219, or 5311A1219.

Details of the Recall

The model number can be found in white lettering on both side panels of the generator. The serial number can be found on the back panel of the generator. The generators were sold at Sam’s Club stores nationwide and online, as well as,,,,, and other online retailers from January 2020 through May 2020 for between $450 and $1,050, depending on the model.

If you have these generators, stop using them immediately and contact MWE Investments to arrange a free repair. For more information call MWE Investments at 855-944-4796 or email [email protected].

Defective Products

As product defect lawyers, we’ve handled a number of cases where fires and severe burn injuries are caused by defective products such as heaters, grills and generators. While these types of fires may result in significant property damage, they also have the potential to cause major, disfiguring injuries. In some cases, these fires could also result in deaths.

If you have purchased a defective product, you may wish to join a class-action lawsuit, which helps you secure some compensation such as the price you paid for the product. On the other hand, if you suffered serious, life-changing injuries as the result of the defective product, you would be well advised to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer seeking compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, rehabilitation, permanent injuries (scarring and disfigurement), pain and suffering and emotional distress.

In order to prove such a case, you must show evidence that the product was defective; that you were injured while using the product as intended; that the product defect caused your injuries; and that you sustained damages as a result of the product defect. An experienced product defect lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options better.


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