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Making Sure Your Vehicle is Safe for Holiday Travel

By Brian Chase on July 4, 2013 - No comments

Area law enforcement officials will step up their patrols this weekend for the July 4 holiday weekend. Although Independence Day falls on a Thursday this year, most families try to make the most of it by making a long weekend of it. Police in Orange and Los Angeles counties have announced plans to deploy patrols to look out for drunk and aggressive drivers during the 102-hour holiday travel period. Motorists should make sure that they do not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence, distracted or while fatigued.

Ensuring Vehicle Safety holiday traffic

In addition to these common sense precautions, it is also important to ensure that your vehicle is safe for long-distance travel. Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure vehicle safety:

• Make sure that your vehicle is not on a recall list. Millions of vehicles are recalled each year for a variety of defects. It is important that you know your vehicle is not one of them. There are web sites such as that list the makes and models of vehicles that have been recall. If your vehicle has been recalled for a safety issue, you need to take it to the dealer right away and get the problem fixed before you take your road trip. These types of repairs are usually free since they are part of the recall campaign.

• Check your tires. This is really important because tires tend to fail more during the summer because of extreme heat or due to dry conditions. If you have bald tires, you need them changed before you get started on your trip. Make sure your tires are rotated.

• Check your brakes. When you need to stop to avoid a collision, the one thing you rely on the most is your ability to brake. Make sure that your brakes are in good working condition.

• Keep your windshield wipers in good condition. You never know when you will encounter those summer time showers especially if you are driving to other parts of the country.

4th of July fireworksHave a Safe Holiday Weekend

If your vehicle does break down during your journey, make sure that you never walk on the roadway to get help. This can be extremely dangerous. Walk along the shoulder if you must to get help or to make a call. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, please contact an experienced California personal injury lawyer who will help protect your rights and help you secure fair and full compensation for your losses. I wish you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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