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Toyota Adds 1.5 Million Vehicles to Recalls for Engine Stalling

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Toyota is adding 1.5 million U.S. vehicles to recalls from early this year to fix fuel pumps that could fail and cause engines to stall. According to a news report, the company says the latest recall brings the total to 5.8 million Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles that need to be repaired globally.

Details of the Recall

Toyota said in a statement that the fuel pumps in these recalled vehicles could suddenly stop operating, leading to vehicle stalling. Drivers may not be able to restart their vehicles. If the stall happens at high speeds, the risk of a crash could increase.

Toyota would not say if the problem resulted in car accidents or injuries. When the recall begins, Toyota and Lexus dealers will replace the fuel pumps at no cost to customers. Toyota recalled the vehicles in January with about 700,000 and added 1.2 million in March.

The company said that it did not recall all the vehicles at once because it was monitoring data and investigating to see if vehicles outside the original recalls would experience the same problem. The additions announced recently cover some vehicle models, including the 2019 and 2020 RAV4, which are the top-selling vehicles in the United States that aren’t pickup trucks.

Why is Vehicle Stalling Dangerous?

When a vehicle stops without warning when the driver is operating it, the consequences can be devastating. Such stalling could in itself result in a crash. The occupants of the stalling vehicle also risk serious injury or death if they are struck by other vehicles that cannot stop in time to avoid a collision. Oftentimes, when vehicles are stalled in the middle of the roadway, they are also at risk of getting hit by impaired, distracted, or otherwise negligent drivers.

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