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The Porter Ranch Methane Gas Leak (Infographic)

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Infographic

The Newport Beach personal injury law firm of Bisnar Chase has released a comprehensive graphic, which can help readers understand the Porter Ranch methane gas leak, which has displaced thousands of people in the upscale Porter Ranch neighborhood. Students in the area have had to move to alternate campuses. Many have also complained about health issues including headaches, nausea and respiratory problems.

The Scope of the Damage

The damaged gas well at the Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon storage facility has been releasing environmentally damaging methane since October 23, 2015. The company has tried, unsuccessfully, to plug the well several times now. Since December 4, the utility company has been drilling a relief well to intercept the damaged one, which is one of 115 wells on the reservoir.

Sealing the well is viewed as a long-term measure, but that work won’t be done until late February or March. Complaints about the fumes from the leak have drawn national attention. This leak has produced more greenhouse gas emissions than what 20,000 cars produce in an entire year.

Your Questions Answered

Here are a few important questions our graphic seeks to answer:

  • Why is it so hard to stop the leak? That’s because the dangers of working with the large amount of flammable gases pouring into the air requires the utility company to work slowly and methodically to prevent a devastating explosion.
  • Can I hold So Cal Gas liable for my medical problems and financial losses? We’re finding out now that the company waited too long to inform nearby residents of the issue. They also made matters worse by downplaying the severity of the issue. This led to area residents experiencing more health-related problems from the leaking gas.

We hope this graphic offers information at a glance about this important issue. If you live in the Porter Ranch area, it is important that you understand how your life and your property values have been affected by this major incident, not to mention how it has disrupted your life.  So far there is no solid information on the long-term health risks of being exposed to the gas.

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Infographic

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