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Tesla Recalls Model S and Model X SUVs for Brake Defects

19-year-old Woman Killed in Fiery Tesla Crash

Tesla has announced that it is issuing a voluntary vehicle defect recall for about 53,000 Model S and Model X SUVs for a potential manufacturing issue that could affect the electric parking brakes. According to a report on Jalopnik.com, the problem is specifically related to a gear in electric parking brakes that could have been improperly manufactured. If that gear breaks, it might prevent the brake from releasing. The automaker has said it doesn’t believe the issue could lead to safety concerns for consumers and so far there haven’t been reports of accidents or injuries related to these brake defects.

Details of the Recall

Tesla is asking affected consumers to bring in their vehicles to have the brakes replaced. The issue was discovered after Tesla learned that some owners had received alerts to have their parking brakes serviced. Tesla launched an internal investigation and found the gear in the parking brake, manufactured by third-party supplier Brembo, could get stuck and break.

If this gear were to break, the parking brake would continue to keep the car from moving, Tesla told affected vehicle owners in an email. The automaker has said there have been no reports of the parking brake system failing to hold a parked vehicle or failing to stop a vehicle in an emergency as a result of this defect. Tesla also said it plans to continue to work with Brembo. Tesla has said the replacement parts will be available by October 2017.

Tesla Autopilot Issues

Tesla has been dealing with issues over the Autopilot feature on its vehicles after a fatal accident in Florida in May 2016. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated that issue and determined that the accident was not the fault of Autopilot. But that accident and others prompted Consumer Affairs to advise Tesla in an editorial to not call the assisted driving feature Autopilot because it misleads drivers into thinking that they don’t need to have their hands on the wheel when the feature is operating.

Auto Product Liability Issues

Anyone who has been injured as the result of an auto defect may be able to seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. An experienced auto product liability lawyer will be able to advise injured victims and their families in such cases regarding their legal rights and options.

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