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Tesla Recalling Model X SUVs for Seat Defects

By Brian Chase on October 16, 2017 - No comments

Tesla Recalling Model X SUVs for Seat Defects image courtesy of

Tesla Recalling Model X SUVs for Seat Defects

Tesla Inc. is recalling about 11,000 of its Model X SUVs worldwide because the rear seats in these vehicles might not lock into place. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the recall involves vehicles with fold-flat second row seats manufactured between October 28, 2016 and August 16, 2017. Tesla believes only about 3 percent of the recalled vehicles have this problem.

Recall Details

Tesla has also said some cables in the seat may have been improperly tightened, which prevents the left seat from locking in an upright position. When the seat is not properly locked in, it could move forward during a crash. During recent internal testing, the automaker determined that a small number of cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles might need to be adjusted.

Tesla says it has not received reports of accidents or injuries relating to this defect, but will conduct a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and determine if an adjustment is needed. The company added that it can address all of the needed repairs with its mobile repair service. Owners may take their vehicles to a Tesla Service Center as well. Tesla has already begun informing vehicle owners about the recall. Owners can take their Model X to a dealer for repairs or contact the company’s mobile repair units.

Danger of Defective Seats

Many vehicles on our roads today have flimsy or defective seating systems that have the potential to cause serious or even catastrophic injuries. When seats and seatbacks are poorly defined, they tend to collapse backward, often, in a rear-end collision. This has been known to happen even in low-speed fender benders.

When that happens, vehicle occupants can get thrown backward and suffer catastrophic spinal cord injuries. Such a defect can also interfere with the seat restraint system in some cases allowing vehicle occupants to slide from under the restraint and be ejected from the vehicle. What’s worse, rear seat occupants may be injured by a collapsed front seat or become trapped under the seatback in a rear-impact collision.

Auto Product Liability Issues

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a dangerous or defective auto product, it is important that you preserve the vehicle in its crashed condition so an expert can examine it for defects, malfunctions and design flaws. An experienced auto product liability attorney can help you seek and obtain maximum compensation for injuries, damages and losses you may have sustained because of a defective auto or faulty auto part.

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