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Summer Safety: Don’t Drink and Drive!

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This is the last article in our four-part series about summer travel safety.

Drunk driving incidents increase during the summer months. It’s fairly common to kick back with an alcoholic beverage, be it on vacation or at pool parties or barbecues. But, unfortunately, summer is also a dangerous time on our roadways because people don’t think twice about how alcohol impairs their judgment when they drive. In California and the rest of the nation, the number of drunk driving crashes increase as the weather gets warmer. It is therefore critical that all of us remain aware and work to prevent these tragic crashes that cause devastating injuries and fatalities.

Here are a few tips to avoid putting yourself and others in danger this summer:

• Always select a designated driver who is reliable. And by reliable, we mean, a driver who will not drink and who has a valid driver’s license. It is important that this person understands the expectations and is committed to taking you home safely. Be sure that this driver has all important addresses and emergency contact information handy.
• Use other means of transportation. Remember, if you are drunk, you should not be walking either. Call a cab or a rideshare service, if you don’t have a designated driver available. Calling an Uber or a cab is certainly less costly than getting a DUI or worse, seriously injuring or killing someone else.
• If you are going to a party, you might want to make arrangements to sleep over at the host’s place or book a hotel room close by. This will allow you to enjoy the event without having to worry about how you’ll get home.
• If you anticipate that you might become tempted to drink and drive, hand over your keys to a responsible and sober friend or family member. This will serve as an extra layer of protection. This will also help avoid you getting behind the wheel at a time when your judgment might not be at its best.
• If you are hosting a party, make sure you serve non-alcoholic beverages in addition to alcohol. Stop serving alcohol a few hours before people head home. If you suspect that a guest is inebriated, do not let them drive.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a DUI driver, please contact an experienced California DUI victim lawyer to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.

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