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Skoal Tobacco Cans Recalled In Wake of Metal Shards Finding

Skoal Tobacco Cans Recalled In Wake of Metal Shards Finding

Variations of smokeless tobacco products from Skoal, Copenhagen, Cope and Husky have been recalled on accounted of complaints stating these products contained sharp, metal objects within the packaging. According to the FDA, the defective products originated from a manufacturing facility in Franklin Park, Illinois and was distributed across the nation.

What Do These Defective Products Look Like?

On the outside, these cans of chewable tobacco look just the same as any other product on the production line, however, on the inside, tobacco and various pieces of metal. No reports have come out just yet concerning injury by these metal pieces within the tobacco cans, however, these defective cans pose a great threat to consumers.

Skoal Speaks Out

“We appreciate our consumers’ patience and loyalty while we work through this matter’, said US Smokeless Tobacco Company spokesman Steve Callahan in an email to Reuters.
The company also stated that most of the tobacco cans that are out on the market right now are allegedly “not affected by the recall.”
The cans of smokeless tobacco that are affected include cans that do not have a scan bar or cans that have a scan bar that begins with the letters “F,” “R,” “K,” or “P.”
Consumers and stores alike are advised to check any cans in their possession that fit these criteria and dispose of them at once or return them for a refund at your point of purchase.

What Should I Do if I Have a Recalled Product?

If you have in your possession a defective or recalled product, you must stop using it at once. If a recall has been issues, you most likely can return the product to the point of sale for a refund or a new version of the product that you currently own. If you have a defective product and you or a loved one has been injured by it, put it in a safe place away from reach and contact a product defect lawyer. In addition, save your receipt of the defective product as well as any invoices or receipts pertaining to your recovery. A well trained and experienced attorney can discuss your legal rights with you and help you obtain a settlement that will pay for not only the cost of recovery but also compensate you for any pain and suffering you may have experienced as well.

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