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Sean Rodriguez (Atlanta Braves) and Family Seriously Injured in T-bone Collision

Sean Rodriguez (Atlanta Braves) and Family Seriously Injured in T-bone Collision

Atlanta Braves short stop player Sean Rodriguez and his family were seriously injured Saturday around 2 p.m. in a serious car accident. Rodriguez, 31, was behind the wheel of his SUV when his car was “T-boned” by a stolen police car that killed the driver and injured Rodriguez’s family.

What Happened?

The Atlanta Braves collectively stated on Sunday night that Rodriguez and his family were injured in the accident and were rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Rodriguez was behind the wheel of his SUV in Miami, at the time of the accident, with his wife and children, ages 8 and 2. His wife, Giselle, was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center. Rodriguez’s children were taken to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.  The Daily Mail reports that the driver that caused the accident died on impact and that Rodriguez’s children are in “serious, but stable condition.”

Police Speak Out About the Car Accident

Miami police publicly state that on Saturday, they received a report stating a police cruiser by an unknown culprit. The unidentified person stole the police car out of a fast food parking lot while the owner of the vehicle was attending to a call made at that same restaurant. Police also stated that the driver of the stolen vehicle sideswiped a Honda Civic before colliding with Rodriguez’s Chevy Suburban.

The Community Helps Out

Local citizens can be seen in footage of the accident attempting to put out the fire that came from the accident.“He went sideways, over the median, hit a car, and then went right through that car and hit the SUV that was in the opposite direction,” stated a bystander. Following the accident, the Atlanta Braves issued the following statement: “At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with the health and well-being of Sean’s family as they look to recover.”

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