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Santa Ana Truck Accidents

By Brian Chase on September 19, 2011 - No comments

Truck Accidents in Santa AnaSanta Ana commuters face a daily risk of injury from truck accidents along the 5 freeway and throughout the busy Orange County highway network. With an ever-growing population above 350,000, and a commute average of 27 minutes per working person, there is a constant threat of truck accidents looming, and the poor safety laws are not helping. Some hire a Santa Ana Truck Accident Attorney in order to help improve truck safety laws and get compensation for their saddening losses.

Though trucks represent just 3% of all registered vehicles, they are involved in 12% of all traffic deaths. The many reasons this is the case include the large mass of the truck, fatigued drivers, and faulty or unmaintained truck parts. In truck accidents, three quarters of fatalities occur to people in other vehicles, and usually the fault is traced back to trucking companies which overwork and underpay drivers, and do not maintain their vehicles as often as they should.

Driver fatigue is becoming the highest of concerns with truck drivers sometimes spending days at a time on the road using methamphetamines or popular energy beverages to stay awake. Studies show staying awake two days in a row and driving is similar to a .10% Blood Alcohol Level in the way it incapacitates you and your motor skills and reflexes.

Santa Ana, being on the border of Irvine, Orange, and the John Wayne Airport, is a port of trade and commerce and is considered the true downtown or urban center in Orange County. High traffic can be expected, but we can instate safer laws and practices to ensure that our families and friends can drive feeling safer and innocent lives do not have to be lost, especially if they are quite preventable.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a truck accident in Santa Ana, California, you can contact a Santa Ana Truck Accident Lawyer that has the expertise and track record to ensure you are compensated for your losses. There is also a courtroom located in Santa Ana at 700 Civic Center Drive West where you may be able to ascertain basic information for your case. You do not have to be alone, there are resources out there to help you.

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