Quora Data Breach Puts Personal Information of 100 Million Users at Risk

Quora Data Breach Puts Personal Information of 100 million Users at Risk

Information-sharing social media website Quora has been hit by a massive data breach affecting about 100 million members. Executives have revealed that a ‘malicious third party’ managed to gain access to Quora’s system. The attack means that hackers were able to access the personal information and data of about 100 million Quora members. This information – which is meant to be stored on secure servers that cannot be accessed by outside parties – includes names, addresses, encrypted passwords, social media details, and private messages.

Quora is a website which allows users to post questions, which can then be seen and answered by other people in the online community. Bosses say the unauthorized data hack was discovered on Friday, November 30. An email was sent out on Monday, December 3, informing potentially-affected users of the problem. Quora officials say they alerted law enforcement and are taking emergency action to make the website more secure.

Investigation Ongoing

Quora has hired a digital forensics team to trace the cause of the major data breach. The identity of the hackers has not been discovered, but Quora says it has discovered the root cause of the entry into their system and moved to prevent it. The company also claims it is taking significant steps to improve its cyber security. The police and independent security teams will continue their investigations.

Liability Issues – What Action Can Quora Users Take?

The information taken from Quora has the potential to be extremely damaging in the wrong hands. Names, email addresses, IP details, encrypted passwords, and other personalization data, can all be used to access further sensitive data and information through personal accounts. Users are advised to change their passwords to re-secure email and social media accounts as soon as possible.

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Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/quora-data-breach-exposes-100-million-users-personal-info-2018-12-04/

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