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Product Recall: Defective Nailer Product

DEWALT is has issued a product recall on about 9,000 defective framing nailers that could cause serious injury to consumers. According to Consumeraffairs.com, the bump action trigger on the framing nailers could have been incorrectly assembled during production, which would allow the nailer to eject a fastener unexpectedly or cause the trigger lock-off not to function. This defective product apparently has the potential to cause serious injuries to users or bystanders.

Consumers are urged to immediately stop using DEWALT Clipped Head Framing Nailers with model number D51825, and DEWALT Full Round Head Framing Nailers with model number D51850, which were sold throughout the United States between January 2008 and September 2008 for approximately $280.

In August 2008, DEWALT recalled about 14,000 nail guns that ejected nails even when the lock-off was in the locked position. Owners of these recalled nailers have been asked to contact the company for instructions on receiving a free replacement bump action trigger. Those seeking more information may call DEWALT at 1-877-437-7181 or visit their Web site at www.DEWALT.com.

Nail Gun Injuries

Nail gun injuries have increasingly become a problem over the last five years. According to recent investigation conducted by the Sacramento Bee newspaper, 42,000 people– more than 100 a day– show up at U.S. hospital emergency departments annually with nail gun injuries.

Treating these injuries reportedly costs the United States at least $338 million a year in emergency medical care, rehabilitation and workers’ compensation, according to statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Also, California companies reported 1,890 nail gun injuries in on-the-job accidents leading to missed work days from 2003 to 2006, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Seeking Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or death as a result of nail gun injuries from these or other defective products, please contact experienced personal injury attorneys to find out more information about your legal rights and options.

In any product liability claim, it is also important to preserve the product that caused the injury so it can be examined by an expert for product defects, malfunctions and other evidence. If the product is determined to be defective, you could receive compensation from the defective product manufacturer to cover medical expenses, loss of wages and other related damages.

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