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Product Liability Found In Defective Coffee and Tea

Recent reports have pointed to serous product liability on a coffee and tea brewer. Bunn-O-Matic is recalling about 35,600 single cup pod coffee and tea brewers because the pod drawer of the brewer can open unexpectedly during a brew cycle, posing a serious burn hazard to consumers. According to a report in Consumeraffairs.com, Bunn-O-Matic has so far received 10 reports of the drawer opening unexpectedly, including one report of burn injuries.

This product defect recall apparently involves Bunn Single Pod Brewers. The models included in this defective product recall are MCP and MCA. The pod brewers have a black body with stainless backsplash and measure 12 inches high by 8 inches wide. The brand name “Bunn” is printed on the front and lights up when the pod brewer is on.

The devices, which were made in the United States, were sold by Internet retailers, department and hardware stores nationwide between August 2004 and March 2009 for about $300. Consumers are advised to stop using the defective products immediately and contact the company to obtain two replacement pod drawers. If you would like more information about this product recall, please contact Bunn-O-Matic at 1-800-741-3405.

While such household products and appliances are usually useful and harmless, there are products such as this one that are defectively made or designed, which pose a serious physical threat or health hazard to you and your family. Dangerous electrical appliances such as defective microwaves, washing machines, coffee makers, toasters or heaters can leave you vulnerable to electrocution injuries, electrical burns or burn injuries, which can even turn fatal. A small fire caused by a defective electrical appliance or any other poorly made or designed item can quickly turn into a devastating fire causing serious personal injuries, death and property damage.

Manufacturers of household products, just like any other product manufacturer, have the duty to put quality products on the market for consumers. If you have been personally injured because of a defective or malfunctioning product, filing a product liability lawsuit is one way to hold these negligent parties liable. The best product defect attorneys will offer a free and comprehensive initial consultation to injured victims and their families.

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