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Primewell Tires Recalled Because They Can Crack and Lose Air

By Brian Chase on July 21, 2017 - No comments

Primewell Tires Recalled Because They Can Crack and Lose Air Image courtesy of

Primewell Tires Recalled Because They Can Crack and Lose Air

A company that distributes Primewell brand tires is recalling more than 394,000 of these products in the United States because the sidewalls can crack and lose air, increasing the risk of a car accident. According to a Fox Business news report, the recall covers certain Valera Touring II replacement passenger car tires distributed by California-based Giti Tire USA and sold at Firestone stores.

Recall Details

Documents submitted by the company with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a crack could develop in the lower sidewall after the tire is in use for several months. Giti says there have been no property damage or injury claims reported so far. In most cases, the crack occurs on the opposite side of the tire from the serious number, which is usually mounted on the inside. This apparently makes the cracks more difficult to detect.

The tires that are being recalled were manufactured by a company in Indonesia between April 1, 2015, and Dec. 31, 2016. Sizes can normally be found on a tire’s sidewall. The company discovered the problem through continuous monitoring of market signals. So far, the company has inspected 219 tires so far and there have been no reports of air pressure loss. Owners will be notified and affected tires will be replaced at no cost to consumers. For more information, call 866-488-4737.

Dangers of Defective Tires

When a tire loses air quickly there is the risk of a blowout and a car accident. When a tire blowout occurs, it can be challenging even for an experienced driver to regain control of the vehicle and come to a safe stop. When tire blowouts do occur, it could result in rollover accidents or other types of crashes that could cause potentially catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

If you have suffered injuries as the result of a defective tire, it is important that you preserve the tire so it can be examined by an expert for evidence of defects and malfunctions. Injured victims may be able to file a product liability claim against the automaker and/or the tire manufacturer seeking compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced auto product defect attorney will be able to evaluate your case and fight hard to secure maximum compensation for your losses.

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