Pregnant Woman Loses Family After DUI Driver Hits Her Car

Pregnant Woman Loses Family After DUI Driver Hits Her Car

In an unfortunate turn of events, Barbara Barranco, a soon-to-be mother, lost her child and her husband, Angel, in a car accident caused by an oncoming drunk driver. Barbara’s mother, Monica Alarcon, 42, who was also in the vehicle during the incident, was injured as well.

Details of the DUI Car Accident

The accident happened in the early hours of the day in Victorville, California on Feb. 4.  The family were driving together in their black Honda Accord when Alexander Delapaz Perez, 56, drove right into the passenger side of Barranco’s Accord.

Angel, Barbara and Monica were rushed to the hospital soon after the accident. Mr. Barranco was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, Perez had two previous convictions prior to this car accident. Perez was intoxicated at the time of the event when he and his grey Hyundai ran through an intersection marked with a stop sign.

Perez was charged with “Gross Vehicular Manslaughter” and for driving under the influence. “My son-in-law didn’t deserve this. He was a great person, and my little granddaughter that’s not with us. They should’ve been here,” said Alarcon to KTLA. The friends of the Barranco family have started a GoFundMe page to fundraise for medical expenses as well as for funeral costs.

What to Do If You Have Been Involved in a Drunk Driving Accident

If you have become a victim of a drunk driving incident, you need to try to stay calm and call for medical attention if you or your party has been seriously injured in this accident.

Once everyone is okay, exchange information with the opposing driver(s). If the driver(s) left the scene, call 911 and let them know exactly what happened in detail. At this point, you should contact your car accident lawyer and let them know exactly what happens. Your attorney will they tell you how you should proceed and will help you take legal action if needed against the at-fault party.

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