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Police Warn Pokemon Go Poses Risks Including Car Accidents Falls and Robberies

By Brian Chase on July 14, 2016 - No comments

People Driving and Playing Pokemon Go Caused Billions in Damages

People Driving and Playing Pokemon Go Caused Billions in Damages

The free-to-play Pokemon Go app is the biggest hit of the day. But, according to a CBS report, police say this popular new app is not all fun and games. Police nationwide are now warning that it has led not just to pedestrian accidents, car accidents and trip-and-fall injuries, but they’ve seen incidents where robbers have lured innocent people with the app and victimized them.

Reports of Personal Injuries

Less than a week after its release, the game has already become the top-grossing app on iTunes. This is how it works. As a player walks down the street in the real world, they’ll see checkpoints on a virtual map where they can earn prizes and catch little Pokemon creatures. In Wyoming, a woman found a dead body in the Wind River of a person who had accidentally drowned. In the St. Louis area, several players said they had been robbed by thieves who had used the app to lure them to an isolated area.

There have also been reports of users suffering injuries while playing the game. Many have twisted ankles, taken falls and walked into trees as they looked at their phones and tried to catch the creatures. In Pennsylvania, Autumn Diersoth, 15, was struck by a vehicle at a street intersection as she wandered into a busy highway while playing Pokemon Go. When she tried to cross the street, she got hit and suffered injuries to her collarbone and foot.

Police Departments Issue Warnings

Police are saying there have not just been pedestrian accidents and falls, but also people posting pictures of themselves on social media chasing creatures in all sorts of dangerous situations, like while driving. Officials are warning parents to talk to their children about how to safely play the game, if they must play it at all. Players are advised to be aware of their surroundings and not go to unfamiliar places.

As this latest Pokemon craze continues to erupt, it also raises questions about liability issues. Did the company create a dangerous product, in this case, a game, that is conducive to causing serious injuries? As California personal injury lawyers, we will be carefully monitoring the incidents that arise from this so-called game.

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