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Packaged Ice Class Action Settlement Reached

By Brian Chase on February 7, 2017 - No comments

Packaged Ice Class Action Settlement Reached

The Home City Ice Company and other companies have reached a $2.7 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit, which alleged that they conspired to fix and raise prices. According to a news release issued, the lawsuit named several companies including The Home City Ice Company (HCI), Reddy Ice Corporation, Reddy Ice Holdings, and Arctic Glacier.

Who is Included in this Class Action?

How do you know if you’re included in this class action? There are two classes in this settlement. You may be in one or both classes. If you purchased packaged ice made by any of these defendants or their subsidiaries from a U.S. retailer from January 1, 2001 through March 6, 2008, you are in Class 1. You are in Class 2 if your purchase was made in any of the states that have been listed as Class 2 states.

You are not included in either class if you only bought packaged ice directly from the defendant or any other maker of these products. You are, however, included if you bought packaged ice made by the defendants or any other company at a location such as a supermarket, grocery store, convenience store, gas station, etc. Through this settlement, HCI has agreed to pay $2.7 million to a fund and will be prohibited from engaging in certain types of anticompetitive conduct.

What Can I Expect to Get From My Refund?

If you are an eligible Class 2 member, you may get cash for the ice purchase: $6 for one to six bags or blocks and $12 for more than seven bags. If you bought more than 12 bags or blocks and have your proof of purchase, you may receive $12 plus $2 for each bag of block in excess of 12. Each household is eligible only for one claim and one payment. If there is insufficient money in the fund, payment amounts might be reduced proportionally.

On the contrary, if there is money left over after attorney’s fees and other expenses have been met, the money might be distributed by increasing payment amounts to consumers proportionally. To get your money, submit an online claim form at or by mail by May 17, 2017. You can get the claim forms on that website or by writing to Home City Ice Settlement, P.O. Box 1884, Faribault, MN 55021. For more information, call 1-800-589-3895.

Why Class Actions Lawsuits Are Important

Class action lawsuits often tend to become the whipping boy of tort reform advocates who claim that these types of legal actions are “trivial” or take undue advantage of the civil justice system. What class action lawsuits do is keep large corporations in check. If a manufacturer or retailer thinks they can get away with price fixing or illegal business practices, class action lawsuits send them a clear message that people are watching and will not allow them to take advantage of consumers. Class action lawsuits help average individuals hold large corporations accountable. Without this legal option going after large companies and holding them accountable would be impossible.

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