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Mom Receives Damage Award After Being Severely Injured by Exploding Whipped Cream Canister

Mom Receives Damage Award After Being Severely Injured by Exploding Whipped Cream Canister image courtesy of www.webstaurantstore.com

A French woman whose face was partially torn off by an exploding whipped cream canister has been awarded one million British pounds in damages. According to a news report in The Daily Mail, Emilie Lada was preparing a mousse for her family when the plastic lid shot into her face. A court in the French town of Montauban ruled she deserved the payout having suffered permanent disabilities including memory loss after the accident in 2013.

Dangerous Products

Surgeons were able to reconstruct the woman’s face, but the court ruled her injuries were severe enough to warrant compensation from the canister’s importer F2J and its insurance provider, AXA. This court ruling comes just months after Rebecca Burger, a French fitness blogger, was killed in a similar accident when the cap of the canister hit her in the chest and gave her a heart attack. F2J and AXA were also ordered to pay 10,000 Euros in damages to Lada’s husband and two children because they witnessed the accident.

So far, about 60 incidents involving exploding whipped cream canisters have been reported since 2013, several with the same Ard’Time brand she was using. Lada’s attorney said the head trauma resulted in serious consequences for her. She is unable to work, suffers from memory loss, and has no sense of smell or taste. France’s National Consumer Institute has warned the public that such canisters are dangerous and may not be able to withstand the pressure of the carbon dioxide inside.

Product Liability Issues

French consumer magazine 60 Million Consumers says pressurized devices such as the whipped cream dispenser in question have led to serious injuries such as eye injuries and chest fractures. The magazine has documented more than 20 separate incidents related to whipped cream dispensers in the four years since Ard’Time issued a massive recall for these dispensers. Injuries reported range from broken teeth and facial fractures to comas.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to make products that are safe for consumers. When defective products injure consumers, they may be able to file a product defect lawsuit seeking compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, rehabilitation, permanent injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Injured victims would also be well advised to contact an experienced product defect attorney who will fight for their rights and help ensure that they receive fair and full compensation for their tremendous losses.

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