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Millions of Dual Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Recalled for Failure

Kidde smoke alarm recall

Millions of Kidde brand dual smoke-CO alarms are being recalled because they may fail to warn users that their batteries have reached their limit. According to a WPIX news report, this causes users to think, incorrectly, that the detectors will work. Kidde NightHawk issued the recall of its combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarm with model number KN-COSM-IB. The detectors included in this recall have manufacture dates between June 1, 20014 and Dec. 31, 2010. About 3.6 million alarms are recalled in the U.S. with another 1.5 million alarms sold in Canada.

The company said in a statement that the alarm could fail to continue to chirp when it reaches its seven-year end of life if the batteries are replaced, leading consumers to believe it is still working. That puts residents at risk of not knowing if there is a fire in their home of if elevated levels of carbon monoxide are present.

Recall Details

These alarms are hard-wired into a home’s electric power. The unit has a compartment on the back for the installation of a replaceable 9V backup battery. The alarm included in the recall is white, round and measured about 5 to 6 inches in diameter. The brand name “Kidde” is engraved on the front of the alarm. The model number and manufacture dates are printed on a label on the back on the alarm.

So far, there have been eight reports of incidents connected with these recalled alarms, which were sold at stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com from June 2004 through December 2010. The company did not elaborate regarding the details of those incidents. No injuries have been reported. Those who have the recalled alarms in their homes are told to immediately stop using them and contact Kidde directly for a free replacement or a discount on a new alarm.

When Alarm Systems Fail

When a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm fails, the consequences can be devastating. Residents may fail to detect fires in their homes or worse, carbon monoxide

gas leaks, which could be deadly. In fact, carbon monoxide is known as “the silent killer” because it is colorless and odorless and could even kill people in their sleep.

Product manufacturers have a duty and a responsibility to manufacture items that are safe and effective. When they fail to do so and it results in an accident, the manufacturer can be held financially responsible for the injuries, damages, and losses caused. Injured

victims can file what is known as a product liability claim seeking compensation. An experienced product defect lawyer will be able to offer them more information regarding pursuing their legal rights.

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