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Massive Uber Data Breach and Cover Up Triggers Investigations Worldwide

Uber's Driverless Cars Were Not Programmed to Stop for Jaywalkers

Governments around the world have launched probes into Uber after the ride-sharing company disclosed that it covered up a massive data breach that compromised the sensitive information of millions of customers and drivers. According to a Reuters news report, officials in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and the Philippines said they would investigate the company’s response to the data breach. Some lawmakers have called for a Congressional hearing and have asked the Federal Trade Commission to look into the issue.

Personal Information Stolen

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, Uber announced that in late 2016, it paid hackers $100,000 to destroy data on more than 57 million customers and drivers that was stolen from the company. Uber then decided not to report the matter to victims or customers. The company’s CEO admitted in a blog that the company did not handle the data breach properly. Senator Richard Blumenthal took to Twitter to call for the FTC to investigate the ridesharing company calling Uber’s behavior “inexplicable.”

The stolen information reportedly included names, email addresses and phone numbers of 57 million Uber users around the world as well as names and driver’s license numbers of 600,000 U.S. drivers. Uber has already fired its chief security officer and a deputy over their roles in the cover-up. U.S. companies are required to report data breaches affected more than 500 consumers.

Uber’s Disturbing Actions

In this particular case, federal agencies are looking not only into the data breach, but also the cover-up on the part of the company by paying $100,000 in ransom to hackers to keep details of the breach quiet and away from consumers and the media. This is deeply disturbing and cause for concern. In this case, Uber failed to secure consumers’ personal information.

When the breach occurred, it then failed to disclose that to federal authorities and to its consumers so they could protect themselves from fraudulent behavior. And finally, they attempted to cover it all up by paying off the hackers to destroy all the information and keep quiet about it. As consumer class action attorneys, we hope the authorities launch a thorough investigation into this matter.

If you or a loved has been affected by this data breach, it is important that you monitor your bank and credit card accounts to make sure there are no fraudulent charges. Contact an experienced California class action lawyer if you would like to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.


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