Massachusetts Family Finds Carbon Monoxide Leaking into Their Ford Explorer

Is Your Ford Explorer Making You Sick? You're Not Alone

A family in Massachusetts has found through independent testing that his Ford Explorer has more than acceptable levels of carbon monoxide in its vehicle compartment. According to a news report on WBZ-TV, Jason Robertson decided to get his own Ford Explorer SUV tested after he saw news reports of the deadly gas seeping into Ford Explorers used by several police department.

Robertson said he never felt sick, but became concerned for his family’s safety after hearing about a police officer who drove into a tree and three Auburn officers who were hospitalized. Tests of the air inside his vehicle peaked with a carbon monoxide level of 36 parts per million, above the EPA limit of 35 ppm for adults for one hour of exposure. His newborn daughter’s pediatrician has advised him not to allow the baby to travel in that car warning that it could cause brain damage and breathing problems for the child. Doctors say it’s harmful for pregnant women as well.

No Proper Fix in Sight

Robertson told the news channel that he called the dealer who told him the problem could be fixed, but that he would have to pay because there was no recall yet. But, when he called Ford, they told him the company knows about the issue but that there was “no solution” and they are looking into it. Ford of course had a different response when Robertson called the news channel.

The automaker flew their engineers from Detroit to investigate. They tried to fix the problem by resealing the SUV, but testing showed carbon monoxide was still seeping into the cabin. It wasn’t until they tried for a fourth time that engineers were actually able to finally fix the problem. So far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has had more than 2,700 complaints about this issue. The agency is investigating the issue.

Time for a Recall

It is unacceptable for Ford to continue to tell Explorer owners that they have no reason to be concerned. On the contrary, those who own these vehicles have every reason to concerned for their own safety and for the safety of their children and loved ones. Ford needs to expedite and issue this recall so vehicle owners can get their SUVs repaired.

Our auto defect law firm is representing several police officers and civilians who have been injured because they lost consciousness and got into an injury accident due to carbon monoxide poisoning, or those who became sick while driving or traveling in the vehicle. We strongly believe Ford should step up to the plate and issue a recall for the sake of everyone’s safety. They should stop putting profits before the safety and well being of American families.

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