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Man Says E-Cigarette Explosion Hurt Him and His Marriage

By Brian Chase on July 10, 2017 - No comments

Man Says E-Cigarette Explosion Hurt Him and His Marriage

Man Says E-Cigarette Explosion Hurt Him and His Marriage

A couple in Illinois has filed a product liability lawsuit against two vape shops alleging that lithium batteries purchased there for an e-cigarette exploded and caught fire in the man’s pockets leaving him with severe burn injuries and ruining the couple’s love life. According to a news report in the Chicago Tribune, Scott Schroeck’s wife, Denise, alleges in her lawsuit against Rockin Vape, Tobacco Zone and battery manufacturer, LG, that she lost her husband’s companionship after the June 12 e-cigarette explosion.

The lawsuit, filed in Cook County circuit court, alleges the batteries were defective and that no warnings were provided of the risk of explosion. The couple is also seeking compensation for other damages such as loss of consortium including “the society, companionship and sexual relationship” that the couple had enjoyed during their marriage.

Severe Burn Injuries

The man, a father of five who owns a trucking business, was reportedly checking a load of lumber on his truck when he felt the fire in one of his pants’ pockets and then the other. He had apparently put a spare lithium battery in each pocket for his e-cigarette. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for burn injuries on both legs before being released a week later. The couple says they have already incurred over $200,000 in medical bills and face even more expenses for upcoming skin graft surgery. Schroeck’s attorney also said he hasn’t worked since the incident and that he has a long road to recovery.

E-cigarette Explosions

We’ve seen more than our share of e-cigarette explosions here in Southern California and elsewhere. In 2014, the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) published an alert that identified 25 separate e-cigarette fires and explosions dating back to 2009. The National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA) has found that the number of e-cigarette fires reported in the media has significantly increased since the publication of that report, with 15 separate incidents identified in 2015.

Burn centers and emergency rooms in various hospitals around the country have also been reporting phenomenal increases in the number of patients who have been coming in for treatment of e-cigarette-related burn injuries. And in a recent move, airlines banned these devices on flights and the U.S. Navy has prohibited on board its vessels.

If You Have Been Injured

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of an e-cigarette explosion, you may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer, retailer, distributor or other involved parties. Contact an experienced product defect attorney who can help you seek and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, damages and losses.

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