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Man Pushed in Front of Truck in Shock Attack by Homeless Stranger in LA

Man Pushed in Front of Truck in Shock Attack by Homeless Stranger in LA

A man is in critical condition after being shoved into the street in front of an oncoming truck in a shocking unprovoked attack. The victim – a man wearing a suit, thought to be aged in his 60s – was walking down the street in Los Angeles when the daytime attack happened. As he walked along the sidewalk, a homeless man suddenly grabbed him and pushed him into the street, right in front of an approaching truck which slammed on its brakes to avoid running over him. The victim was left pinned under the front wheel of the truck for several seconds, writhing in extreme pain. The truck quickly backed up to release him and he was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

The vicious and unprovoked attack was captured by surveillance cameras on the LA street. The homeless assailant was sitting on a seat outside a store, before getting to his feet as the victim approached. As the man passed, the attacker suddenly turned and grabbed him, before launching him into the street. Nearby witnesses rushed to help the man out from under the truck. Reports indicate that the victim is being treated for a series of serious injuries, including a collapsed lung and broken bones.

Attacker Manhunt

After shoving the victim into the street, the attacker paused for a second and crouched to look at the injuries he had caused, before quickly striding away from the scene. At the time of the attack, he was wearing a distinctive high-vis rain jacket with the hood up. Los Angeles police viewed the video footage of the incident and immediately launched a manhunt to find the culprit.

The hunt lasted for several hours before police arrested the homeless man on the evening of Wednesday, December 5. He was eventually spotted by a firefighter, who recognized the description of the high-vis jacket and baggy pants, and said the man had a suspicious demeanor. It is expected that the attacker will be charged with attempted murder.

Liability Issues

In this case, liability is very clear. The victim’s injuries were caused by an extremely serious assault, and the attacker will face prosecution accordingly. However, there are plenty of other cases which result in injuries to pedestrians which may be less clear-cut but still have liable parties. Thousands of pedestrians are killed every year in California alone, in circumstances ranging from crosswalk accidents to crashes involving reckless or inhibited drivers.

Victims of pedestrian accidents can take legal action. When the actions or negligence of another person has caused the accident in some way, victims may be able to fight for compensation relating to damages, loss or injury. Contact the expert pedestrian accident attorneys at Bisnar Chase for help.

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