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Listeria Outbreak Linked to Dole Salad Has Killed Two and Sickened 17


A listeria outbreak linked to Dole salads has killed at least two people and sickened 17 others across 13 states.

According to an NPR article, the CDC said in an alert that the salads, recalled by Dole starting in December, include a variety of greens sold in bags or clamshell packaging including garden salads, mixed greens, and Caesar kits.

Listeria Outbreak and Recall Details

CDC says the salads with “best by” dates between Nov. 30, 2021, and Jan. 9, 2022, are part of this recall. The salads covered under this recall are sold under various brand names including Dole, Kroger, Ahold, HEB, Lidl, Little Salad Bar, Marketside, Nature’s Promise, President’s Choice, and Simply Nature.

The agency is also investigating a second listeria outbreak linked to Fresh Express packaged salads. That outbreak was identified in December 2021 and has led to one death and 10 hospitalizations. This recall includes use-by dates that carry product codes Z324 through Z350 and include various brands including Fresh Express, Giant Eagle, Marketside, O Organics, Simply Nature, and Wellsley Farms Organic.

If you have any of these salads in your fridge, the CDC urges you to discard them or return them to the point of purchase. The agency also urges consumers to clean out the refrigerator, items, and surfaces that may have touched the recalled products. This is because listeria can survive in the fridge and can easily spread to other foods and surfaces.

What Are the Symptoms of Listeria?

A listeria outbreak can be very dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1,600 get listeriosis each year in the U.S. and approximately 260 die each year as a result of this infection. Those who develop a listeria infection may experience symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, nausea, and diarrhea.

Symptoms may begin a few days after you’ve eaten the contaminated food, but it may take as long as 30 days or more before the first signs and symptoms of the infection begin. If the listeria infection spreads to your nervous system, you may also experience symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, confusion or changes in alertness, loss of balance, and convulsions. In pregnant women, an infection could lead to stillbirths or miscarriages.

Steps You Can Take

If you have developed a listeria infection as the result of a food product contaminated by the bacteria, make sure you isolate the leftover food so no one else in your household consumes it. Get medical attention, treatment, and care for your illness as soon as possible, and follow the doctor’s orders for treatment and care.

Report your illness to your local health care agency, which tends to track trends in food-borne illnesses. Contact an experienced food poisoning lawyer who can help you secure compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost income, hospitalization, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.


Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/02/02/1077648310/a-listeria-outbreak-linked-to-dole-salads-has-killed-2-and-sickened-17-the-cdc-s

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