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LifeTime Fitness Class Action (Ohio)

Workers at California Restaurant Collect Lost Wages in Class-Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed against LifeTime Fitness (LifeTime) for unpaid wages in the state of Ohio. LifeTime is a fitness center company that employs thousands of personal trainers, pilates instructors, and other employees. Please be advised that this lawsuit has not settled yet, no liability has been found, nor has any class been certified by any court.

The lawsuit alleges that LifeTime improperly took wages away from its commissioned employees’ paychecks under its ‘draw’ system. It alleges that employees have been asked to perform ‘off the clock’ work in which the employee goes unpaid including, but not limited to, to following: attending meetings, cleaning machines, and giving free consultations to prospective clients.

There are many other alleged violations. This lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid wages on behalf of all current and former employees who fit within the putative class. If you are a current or former employee of LifeTime Fitness in the state of Ohio and have experienced any suspicious behavior with respect to your pay, hours, breaks, minimum wages, overtime wages, vacation pay, or anything else, we recommend that you contact Ian Silvers (isilvers@bisnarchase.com) or Amy Duncan (aduncan@bisnarchase.com) at our office through email or by calling 800-561-4887 to learn more about your rights and how to opt-in.

In order to recover wages under a class action pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you must “opt-in” to the class action. Please be advised that you have the option to retain other counsel or choose not to opt in.

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