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Lawsuit Filed Against Coca Cola Claims False Advertising with Sugary Drinks

By Brian Chase on January 24, 2017 - No comments

The Praxis Project, a collective group of activists, filled a lawsuit against soft drink giant Coca Cola earlier this month in California federal court on the grounds that Coca Cola was allegedly being deceptive with its advertisements.

The lawsuit claims that Coca Cola allegedly aimed to not to disclose the severe negative health effects of constant consumption of the company’s sugary drinks.

Bloomberg recently reported that the group of activist who filed the lawsuit believe that “Coca Cola’s advertising tactics are in the same vein of the tobacco industry’s past efforts of minimizing the disclosure of the negative health effects of their products as well as focusing their advertising efforts to children.”

Whom is Involved in This Lawsuit?

The American Beverage Association was also named a defendant in this lawsuit against Coca Cola. The ABA is a trade group of soda manufactures.

According to a publicly issued statement by The Praxis Project, the group claims that ABA is financed extensively by Coca Cola and that ABA works to Coca Cola’s best interest of spreading false advertisements.

The Praxis Project will be represented in this lawsuit by Maia C. Kats of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who also have a long track record of litigation targeting the food and beverage industries.

Children Advertisement

The Praxis Project claims Coca Cola uses the same tactics the tobacco industry employs to gain young consumers to buy into the brand. Coca Cola spokesman Kent Landers claims otherwise.

Coca Cola Speaks Out

“We take our consumers and their health very seriously,” says Landers. “We will continue to listen and learn from the public health community and remain committed to playing a meaningful role in the fight against obesity.”

ABA also issued a public statement that it was engaging with health groups and the community in an effort to reduce sugar consumption and also stated that “unfounded accusations like these won’t do anything to address health concerns.”

Consumer Rights

You, as a consumer, have rights that will not be infringed upon. Sometimes, big business may cut corners in an attempt to increase profit margins or to have a better public image. It is not fair that these businesses profit over hard working Americans and are not completely honest to their consumers. If you feel that a company that you have done business with is engaging in poor business practices or their actions have led to injury for consumers, you may be able to take legal action and receive compensation for your injury. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today if this applies to you.

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