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Keeping Kids Safe as They Get Back to School

back to school safety

Many schools in Southern California are already open after the summer holidays. With children heading back to school, this is an important time to keep traffic safety in mind. School zones in our communities and neighborhoods resemble war zones during the school year with drivers honking impatiently, children hurriedly walking to their campuses and parents trying to get their kids to school on time. A lot of the advice we hear during this time seems like common sense. But when it comes to crunch time, a lot of us don’t follow rules of the road and observe safety measures around school zones.

Here are a few back to school safety tips:

• Give yourself plenty of time. It’s very important in the morning to allow yourself plenty of time. You need to expect traffic delays when everyone is trying to get to school or work. Getting ready and leaving a few minutes earlier will help ensure that you get to your destination safely and on time.
• Do not drive distracted. Practices such as talking on your cell phone while driving or texting or checking your email while driving are extremely dangerous. Even taking your eye off the roadway for a fraction of a second could cause a devastating accident. Recent data shows that in 2015, distracted driving among teens was at an all-time high. Talk to your young drivers about cutting out distracted driving and serve as a role model by putting away your phone when you drive.
• Stop for school buses. Do not try to get past a school bus that is stopped. Not only will you be fined, but you will also be putting children in danger.
• Walk in crosswalks and sidewalks. Pedestrians should always walk in designated areas such as crosswalks and sidewalks. Children should be taught to stay alert, use crosswalks and follow directions from crossing guards and crossing signals.
• Yield to pedestrians. Drivers for their part should always stop and yield to pedestrians, whether or not they are in crosswalks.

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