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Johnson & Johnson Hip Replacements Recalled

Defective medical products, including defective hip replacements have been around as long as there have been medical products. Medical companies never get it perfect, do they? Well, the DePuy Orthopaedics unit of Johnson & Johnson are certainly no exception to that rule. The hip replacements they manufactured were not worthy of being released to the public, and on August 26, 2010, were nationally recalled.

What’s Wrong With Them?

Many patients had to have a second implant after the first implant had failed. Other problems included:

• Loosening – the implant didn’t stay attached to the bone in the correct position.
• Fracture – the bone around the implant may have broken.
• Dislocation – the two parts of the implant are no longer aligned.

All of these defects caused the company to pull their product from the medical market, and people that had these defective implants installed are due their fair share. That number of those affected is an estimated 93,000 people.

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