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Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million for Selling Recalled Products

Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million for Selling Recalled Products image courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Home_Depot

Home Depot is paying a $5.7 million in penalties to settle charges stemming from allegations that the retail giant knowingly sold consumer products that had been recalled for safety issues. According to a Law360 news report, the settlement will resolve charges that Home Depot sold nearly 3,000 units of recalled consumer products including light fixtures, smoke alarms and other items. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted four to one to accept the settlement.

Sale of Defective Products

This deal would essentially end charges that between August 2012 and November 2016, Home Depot recalled various products including light fixtures, space heaters, smoke alarms, rugs and appliances, which pose safety hazards ranging from fires to electrocutions and lacerations. The allegations state that Home Depot ignored notifications from manufacturers and the commission.

In May 2015, Home Depot told the commission it had potentially sold 595 units of seven recalled products. An investigation confirmed this, but Home Depot continued to sell the defective products even after this action. Home Depot has issued a statement saying no customers were injured as a result of the sales, which made up a fraction of the 5 billion transactions the company made over the four-year period.

Laws and Liability Issues

CPSC requires product manufacturers to alert them when they find out through their own internal investigation that a product is defective or whether they make that determination through consumer complaints. In addition, they are required to warn consumers regarding potential defects. Retailers and product sellers have a responsibility to ensure that dangerous and defective products are taken off the shelves in a timely manner and that they are not sold to consumers. The defective products that Home Depot knowingly sold had the potential to cause serious, life-changing injuries.

If you have been injured as the result of a dangerous or defective product, you may have a product liability lawsuit against several potential parties including the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, etc. You may be able to seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, rehabilitative treatment, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Victims would also be well advised to contact an experienced product defect attorney who will fight for their rights and help them receive maximum compensation for their losses.

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