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High School Student Receives Million Dollar Verdict for Denial of Bathroom Break

By Brian Chase on January 26, 2017 - No comments

girl wins san diego school lawsuit

A former female San Diego high school student was awarded a settlement of $1.25 million dollars from the aftermath of her former teacher denying her a bathroom break during class and forced her to urinate in a bucket.

The Facts of the Case

The girl was 14 at the time of the incident at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego circa 2012. Her former teacher, Gonja Wolf, denied hera bathroom break during this time. The reason Wolf denied the female student a bathroom break was because Wolf felt it was against school policy to let any student take a bathroom break during a 25-minute class.

Wolf then proceed to tell the girl that if she needed to go to the restroom so badly, she could use a bucket in the storage closet the Wolf kept there for “bathroom emergencies.” Without much choice, the female student used the bucket and as a direct result received harassment proceeding the accident.

Wolf believed if she made an example out of the innocent girl, this would deter other students from using the bathroom during her class periods. However, what came from this ordeal was headline stores, harassment that trailed the female student’s high school career and a suicide attempt by that same student.

In addition, the student was forced to transfer high schools twice as a consequence from the harassment of the ordeal.

After school administrators caught wind of the ordeal, Wolf was sentenced to paid administrative leave. Wolf had no prior discipline record with the school and when her leave was over, Wolf never returned to work the school.

San Diego Attorney Helps Deliver Million Dollar Verdict

Brian E. Watkins, a San Diego based lawyer, was the legal representative for the former high school student. After Watkins persistence and determination of representing the victimized girl in court, the jury sided in the girl’s favor and awarded her a $1.25 million verdict as well as $41,000 to cover past and current medical expenses pertaining to the incident.

The now 19-year-old girl recently graduated from a charter school and is currently employed. She, however, still seeks therapy and counseling to combat the post-traumatic stress that still lingers from the traumatic event.

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