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Harrison Ford Flies Dangerously Close to Passenger Plane at John Wayne Airport

Harrison Ford Flies Dangerously Close to Passenger Plane at John Wayne Airport

Famous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford had a close run-in with a passenger plane at John Wayne Airport in Irvine, California on Monday.

Ford’s close run in occurred when Ford was told to land his private plane on runway 20-L but instead mistakenly made his landing near a taxiway instead.

Harrison Ford and Aviation

Ford is best known for his roles in the infamous Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, however, outside of acting, Ford has a great passion for aviation.

Ford is a collector of vintage planes and made headlines in 2015 when he crashed one of these planes in a golf course in Santa Monica, California due to engine failure. To this day, Ford is still considered by many in the aviation world to be a great pilot.

What Happened that Day?

Ford was preparing to make a landing with his single-engine Husky when he radioed to air traffic control. The control tower said he was clear to land and that he needed to make his departure down runway 20-L.

Ford then proceeded to make his landing. Little did he know was that below his private plane was American Airline plane 737 carrying 110 passengers and six crew members.

Although Ford made his landing on the wrong runway, he was able to do it safely and without hurting anyone. AA Flight 1456, the airplane Ford nearly collided with, was also able to make a safe departure minutes after Ford’s landing.

Concerned, Ford radioed back to the control tower asking if the American Airlines plane was supposed to be on the runway. The control tower radioed back to Ford explaining that Ford did not land on the runway they had instructed him to, but instead, landed on a nearby taxiway.

Ford’s actions that day were a violation of the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA also confirms that Ford was given clear instruction on how to land and in addition, Ford read them back. It is still unclear if Ford was distracted during the time of his landing.

The FAA has now launched an investigation in the wake of the incident. This could result from anywhere between a simple warning letter from the FAA to the suspension of Ford’s pilot license.

Ford and his representatives have yet to comment on the incident on hand. No injuries or damages have yet to be reported from this incident.

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