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Government Investigates Ford Police SUVs For Braking Issues

ford recallThe U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened a preliminary investigation into 20,000 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUVs that may have a faulty part and could cause braking problems.

According to a Detroit News report, the NHTSA said it received a report from a metropolitan police fleet that reported 13 brake hose failures in 11 vehicles out of a fleet of 46 Ford 2013 Explorer Police Interceptor vehicles. The hoses are also known as “jounce hoses.”

The problems were reported between December and July, according to the police department, which was not named by NHTSA. The federal agency said inspection of the failed hoses showed small splits in the hoses near the body side of the hose assembly.

NHTSA has not received any reports of injuries or crashes so far that have been linked to the issue. The problem could result in longer braking distances.

Ford has issued a statement that it is cooperating with NHTSA on this investigation.

Brake Defect Issues

There is no question that brakes are extremely important vehicle features that are essential for safe driving. When brakes fail, drivers are put at risk of serious auto accidents.

Brake failure takes away the driver’s ability to prevent the vehicle from colliding with other vehicles, objects or pedestrians. Defective brakes can also make what may have been relatively minor accidents, extremely severe and lead to catastrophic injury or even death.

The faulty vehicles in this case are police squad cars. These are vehicles that may be required to travel at high speeds and may be involved in pursuits. When such vehicles have defective brakes there is an extremely high risk of crashing and serious injuries.

Auto Product Liability Issues

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective auto liability, it is important that you preserve the vehicle in its current condition unaltered to it can be thoroughly examined by an expert for possible malfunctions and flaws.

If the injury was caused by the defective auto, victims can file what is known as a product liability claim against the manufacturer seeking compensation for injuries, damages and losses. Families of deceased victims can seek compensation by filing a wrongful death claim.

An experienced auto product liability attorney will be able to advise victims and their families regarding their legal rights and options.

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