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Girl Rescuing a Cat is Hit and Killed in Car Accident

Girl Rescuing a Cat is Hit and Killed in Car Accident

A sad truth made Southern Californian headlines Monday morning when an 18-year-old girl from Apple Valley, California was hit and killed in a car accident. What made this story even more tragic was that the girl was attempting to rescue a cat that was hit and injured by the same car the girl was a passenger in.

Emily Sanchez, the girl in question, was riding passenger side in her mother’s Toyota Camry in the events preceding the accident. The two Apple Valley natives were driving southbound on a residential road and in split seconds, the vehicle hit the cat.

The Events Leading Up to the Accident

“The victim, concerned for the cat, had the driver turn around so she could check on it,” stated the Apple Valley Police Department to KTLA.

The mother then proceeded to turn the car around and drive to the cat, who was laying in the middle of the street. Sanchez soon discovered the cat died on impact.

As Sanchez attended to the recently deceased cat, a Nissan Altima, unaware of Sanchez, collided with her.

Apple Valley Sheriff’s Department soon came to the scene and attempted to resuscitate Sanchez while efforts were being made to transport her to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. She was later pronounced dead on arrival at 2:45 am Monday morning.

The driver of the Nissan Altima is currently cooperating with local authorities and investigators. Authorities have confirmed drugs nor alcohol were contributing factors to Sanchez’s untimely death.

GoFundMe Campaign Created to Fund Funeral Expenses

A GoFundMe page was set up in Sanchez’s name by Jen Woods, an individual who refers to herself as Sanchez’s “big sister.”

The family asks that individuals that want to show their support and respect should donate to the GoFundMe campaign instead of sending flowers because Sanchez’s family wants to give her “an amazing memorial that she 100 percent deserves.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sanchez family in this difficult time.

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