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Frozen Tuna Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Recalled

By Brian Chase on April 22, 2019 - No comments

Frozen Tuna Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Recalled

Frozen Tuna Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Recalled

Louisiana-based Jensen Tuna has announced a voluntary recall of its frozen ground tuna because it has been linked to several salmonella cases. According to a report on, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory notice on Tuesday regarding the tuna recall after the agency’s own investigations have revealed 13 illnesses linked to the tainted tuna.

Details of the Recall

The products were sold at wholesale in 20-pound boxes with 20 bags inside each case, and sold to wholesalers in Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, New York and Washington. But, authorities believe they might have reached other states as well. The FDA is instructing restaurants and retailers to check with their suppliers and not sell or serve recalled frozen ground tuna, and wash and sanitize locations where the recalled products were stored.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also issued an alert cautioning sushi lovers about the dangers of consuming raw tuna amid this outbreak. They are advising consumers not to eat tuna without knowing the source. If you plan on eating sushi containing raw tuna, ask the restaurant or grocery store if the tuna is from Jensen Tuna. If you are unsure about the origin, it would be in your best interest not to eat it at all.

Salmonella is typically contracted from contaminated food or water. According to the CDC, about 12 million people in the United States are affected each year by salmonella infections. Of those, 23,000 are hospitalized due to the severity of the infection and 450 die as a result. The infection mostly affects young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Many do recover without treatment within a week or two. However, others may suffer long-term or lifelong health consequences.

Understanding Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been affected by this recall, it is important to get prompt medical attention and treatment. If you suspect you contracted the illness from eating food at a restaurant, make sure you save the receipt. If you have any of the food left over, isolate it and preserve it so an expert can independently examine it in a laboratory for the presence of pathogens.

Contact an experienced California food poisoning lawyer who will help you better understand your legal rights and options. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties – be it a retailer or restaurant – for damages including medical expenses, lost income, cost of hospitalization and pain and suffering.



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