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Former NFL Wide Receiver Terry Glenn Dies in Texas Car Accident

Former NFL Wide Receiver Terry Glenn Dies in Texas Car Accident

Former Cowboys wide receiver Terry Glenn died early morning on November 20, 2017, after a car accident in Irving, Texas. According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Glenn was driving on State Highway 114 with a female passenger when he veered out of his lane and struck a concrete barrier dividing the roll lane and main lanes. Glenn, 43, was taken to an area hospital where he died from his injuries. A number of news outlets identified his passenger as his fiancé. Police said she escaped with non-life-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating the cause of this fatal crash.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Terry Glenn’s family members, friends and football community. We also wish his injured fiancé the very best for a quick and full recovery.

What Caused This Crash?

Based on this news report it appears that Glenn had a number of prior encounters with authorities. He was arrested on charges of marijuana possession and public intoxication in 2009 and was cited for driving his car at 78 mph on a 60 mph road. Last month, officials filed a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, his second such charge in Denton County. Glenn played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2003 o 2007.

However, it is unclear as to what caused this fatal crash. Was speed a factor in this single-car collision? Did alcohol play a part? Given recent news about brain damage in football players as a result of repeated concussions, it probably would not be a bad idea for Glenn’s family members to look into having his brain examined for signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.

Most recently, researchers examined the brain of former NFL Aaron Hernandez who ended up killing himself in his jail cell after being convicted of murder. In his case, researchers said Hernandez’s brain had endured damage so severe as might be seen in someone 20 years older than he was.

Ongoing Investigation

This is essentially a degenerative brain disease found in athletes, military veterans, and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma. In CTE, a protein called tau forms clumps that slowly spread throughout the brain, killing brain cells. We hope there is an ongoing investigation into this incident so Glenn’s family members receive all the answers they are looking for and have some semblance of closure in their loved one’s sudden and tragic death.


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