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Ford Recalls 1.5 Million Focus Hatchbacks for Potential Stalling Issue

Ford Focus Vehicles Recalled for Stalling Issues

Ford announced that it is issuing a vehicle defect recall for almost 1.5 million Focus hatchback vehicles sold across North America. According to a report on The Drive, the recalled vehicles include those with 2.0-liter direct injection engines (both diesel and gas) whose model years span 2012 through 2018. Ford states that there is a problem with the vehicles’ fuel evaporation system, which might cause vacuum in the car’s fuel tank. If this occurs, the tank could deform and shrink causing inaccurate fuel readings.

What Causes the Stalling Issue?

In such cases, the vehicle’s malfunction indicator light could also activate. Excess vacuum in the car the tank could speed up the wear on the fuel pump. If not rectified, the consequence would be low fuel pressure, which is problematic for direct fuel injection engines. This could cause the vehicles to stall or fail to restart.

The automaker says it is not aware of any crashes, injuries, fires or other issues caused by this malfunction, but urges customers to maintain at least a half-full tank of gasoline until repairs can be completed. Recall service will be free of charge, and includes a software update to prevent excess vacuum or pressure buildup as well as replacement of any damaged components caused by this problem.

This is apparently the second recall for Ford just this month. Earlier in the month, Ford recalled its GT supercar for hydraulic leaks, which pose a fire risk. The automaker also recalled nearly two million F-Series pickup trucks in September for bad seatbelt pre-tensioners that could also lead to a fire.

Auto Product Liability Issues

Vehicles with fire hazards have the potential to cause severe injuries such as smoke inhalation and burn injuries. Those who have been injured as the result of a vehicle defect have legal rights. They could file a product liability claim against the automaker and/or parts suppliers who may be involved.

In order to prove a product liability claim, plaintiffs must provide evidence that shows the product was faulty and that the defective product caused their injuries, damages and losses. Injured victims in such cases would be well advised to retain the services of an auto defect law firm that has the resources to financially pursue large automakers and corporations.


Source: http://www.thedrive.com/news/24480/ford-recalls-1-5-million-focus-hatchbacks-for-risk-of-stalling


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