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Ford Issues Two Recalls for Safety Defects

By Brian Chase on February 29, 2016 - No comments

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Safety Issues

Ford Recalls Vehicles for Safety Issues

Ford has issued two separate safety recalls covering about 55,000 vehicles for potential safety problems with seats and seatbelts. According to a Detroit Free Press report, Ford recalled 51,500 2015-2016 Ford Transit wagons built in its Kansas City plant between February 13, 2014 and January 13, 2016. The rear-seat buckles in these vehicles can be damaged when heavy objects are put on top of then. This can lead to the seatbelt failing to latch completely.

The Dearborn automaker also recalled about 3,700 F-150 trucks manufactured between April 27 and November 22, 2015. If the massage function of the multi-contour front passenger is turned on while an adult is in it, the system may think a child is in it, turning off the passenger-side airbag. This could result in serious injuries to the passenger in the event of a crash because he or she would be unprotected. When the recalls begin, dealers will replace the relevant parts at no cost to consumers.

When Safety Features Fail

These two recalls involve vehicle parts that are supposed to protect vehicle occupants. While seatbelts protect us from getting thrown around the vehicle or ejected from the vehicle, airbags provide that extra layer of cushion during a crash. When seatbelts or airbags fail, the consequences can be catastrophic or even fatal.

In one of these recalls, the seatbelt could fail to latch when heavy objects are placed on top of the restraint systems. This can be devastating in the event of a crash because the occupants could be partially or fully ejected from the vehicle. When airbags fail, vehicle occupants may suffer significant blunt-force trauma.

Auto Product Liability Issues

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective auto or faulty parts, it is important to preserve the vehicle in its current condition, unaltered, so an expert can examine it thoroughly for defects, malfunctions and design flaws. Injured victims or families of deceased victims would be well advised to contact an auto defect law firm whose attorneys have the knowledge, experience and resources to independently investigate and successfully handle these types of cases.

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